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Shiver Me Timbers And Swash Me Buckles It S Time For An Adventure With The Skeleton Pirate The Skeleton Pirate Is The Terror Of The Seas, And He Ll Never Be Beaten That Is, Until He Gets Beaten By An Unruly Bunch Of Pirates And Is Thrown Overboard Down In The Depths Of The Sea, He Is Rescued By A Beautiful Mermaid, Only To Be Swallowed By A Whale But The Whale Has A Tummy Ache From All The Other Things He Has Swallowed Like A Golden Ship Full Of Treasure With Echoes Of Pinocchio And Treasure Island, This Picture Book Is Full Of Humor And Irrepressible Energy, A Perfect Adventure For Little Would Be Pirates

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    The Skeleton Pirate has never been beaten in battle, though is captured one day by a collection of his foes He falls into the water and meets a mermaid, who helps him see that talking might be a better way to handle things than always fighting Their time inside the belly of a whale helps him see his epiphany and when they are disgorged, the Skeleton Pirate admits he may have finally lost a battle, but he is not worried about this whatsoever Not as strong a story as I would have expected and quite the sappy ending that I had to explain to Neo before he gave me an odd look It was a decent read, but not likely to make Neo s repeat list.

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    Maybe I should rate this 3 stars As a story, it s kind ofmeh It s rather jumpy for a picture book, however, it s the kind of book that you finish the last page saying, What Wait What I did anyway At least it made me smile and the picture of the skeleton pirate reminded me of Mr Skullhead.

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    I gave the story 3 stars for the great art work It s a quick and simple tale My daughter enjoys it immensely but there s not much to the story Perhaps it should deserve four stars it s great as a picture book.

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    It s bad enough that the crew tries to kill the pirate several times but at the end he asks the mermaid to marry him stating that I think I ve been beaten at last NOT funny Sexist

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    The skeleton pirate, the fiercest pirate out on the sea, believes he can never be beaten Even when he s over thrown by enemy pirates and swallowed by a whale, he still says Ill never be beaten Together with a mermaid they manage to escape the whale along with the treasure and ship that the whale had also swallowed When the skeleton pirate looks into the mermaids eyes out in the fresh air he realizes he s finally been beaten by love.

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    I thought the repetition of the lines I ll never be beaten was interesting because you could use a different voice emphasis for each one I also like the critical thinking that happened between the mermaid and the pirate The pictures were pretty interesting to follow because they added extra details that weren t in the text.

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    I love the message Lucas portrays here that violence is never the answer I ve also noticed he portrays different ways to love people and this one talks of the romantic type of loves as oppose to some of the others which talk of a parental love.

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    This book, lying casually on a table of books at my college bookstore, caught my eye with it s very title The Skeleton Pirate I thought Holy crap A skeleton who s also a pirate This has to be good And so I read it right then and there It took barely five minutes to get through the whole thing and I didn t even purchase it such a rebel , but I went back again to look at the pictures, since I often don t do that the first time with picture books What can I say, I m used to text only While the illustrations were amazing, and the inclusion of a mermaid always brings up the points for me, the story left me disappointed It was very jarring and jumpy, with almost no transition between scenes The friendship between the skeleton pirate and the mermaid was sweet, though, and the scenes in the whale were awesome The ending was definitely really sweet as well Still, I feel like the execution could have been better, and so disappointed I was, I couldn t have justified buying this book Maybe someday, though.

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    This book was a delight to read I loved the story and the message to never give up be beaten This story starts off with action and and great determination from a skeleton pirate He runs into some trouble and is saved by a mermaid The mermaid and the skeleton pirate then run into some trouble, but think of a plan to get themselves out The pictures in this book are very cute and fun to look at I especially liked the ending of this story I think that this would be a great book for students to read I think that both boy and girls could enjoy reading this together.

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    3.5Good but not great A story about a skeleton who is also a pirate, with a mermaid thrown in for good measure The pages with the whale were so fantastic that they could be a mural on your child s wall The message of not settling disputes through fighting, and that you are not invincible is a nice one for young boys I rounded up on the back of the whale pages, and the interweaving of the mermaid Try it out first through borrowing it It could become a winner in your house if you have a boy.