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Alexandrea Weis Diary of a One Night Stand could easily be placed in both the romance and chick lit genres Kara, the main character, is a forty something year old wife and mother with a great law career On the outside looking in, it appears that Kara has the perfect life However, after her husband, Cal, has emergency heart surgery, Kara begins to feel a detachment in her marriage After months of unhappiness, bickering, and going through the motions in order to keep the status quo, Kara meets Scott Ellsworth Scott is the playboy or playman of New Orleans, with a bedpost full of notches Scott quickly sets his eyes on Kara as his latest conquest Kara makes a hard decision and feels that she deserves one night, and one night only, of passion with a stranger However, she soon realizes that for her there are no such thing as one night stands Weis did a great job in setting up the love triangle in Diary of a One Night Stand I feel that Weis wanted readers to have trouble deciding who Kara should be with At first I really disliked Cal He was a bully with a bad temper, a workaholic, and a middle aged man who had for all intents and purposes let himself go In the beginning Scott was a breath of fresh air He was handsome, respectful, and intelligent However, as the book progressed I began to be Team Cal for many reasons It was very hard for me to get past the fact that Kara was married with a child and had vowed to be with Cal through sickness and in health I found it interesting how Kara s mother, Helen, had always bad mouthed Cal who she not so affectionately nicknamed The Ogre For years it was the same thing Helen disliked Cal and Cal detested Helen neither of them were afraid to let Kara know precisely how they felt about the other However, I was very surprised to see the role Helen played in Kara and Cal s marriage towards the end of the book Cal began calling Helen for advice and Helen quickly saw that Cal did indeed love Kara During a particularly heated conversation between Kara and her mother, Helen said, The ones that stick around after everythin has become routine are the good ones I was never fortunate enough to find one of those men, but you found one in Cal The guy left holdin your hand when life turns to shit is the man you should give your heart towhen you know your child is makin the same mistakes you did, you step in That s what I m doin , KaraYou think long and hard about the life you re gonna have with that rich man, and then you think about what you gave up with the ogre Weis 222 223 To me this conversation really pointed out to me how astute Helen was Helen was far from the greatest mother in the world, but she began to pull herself together once Kara was an adult Helen s advice made me realize that she did love her daughter and wanted her to have what she herself failed to maintain a life long partner who loved her.The end of Diary of a One Night Stand really threw me for a loop I did not see the ending coming at all and was really blown away I actually wish that there would have been one or twochapters at the end because Weis really left me wantingI also enjoyed how Kara came full circle and was able to finally find true happiness and contentment Diary of a One Night Stand is definitely different from your typical romance book, instead it revolves around Kara, Cal, their daughter, and Scott Finally, I enjoyed feeling the anger, happiness, sadness, and confusion that Weis characters felt Alexandrea Weis Diary of a One Night Stand is definitely a book that I recommend, it is a great read Alexandrea Weis has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, Diary of a One Night Stand, for the purpose of review. I was given this book to review and upon first glance I thought Yeah, this sounds good Good doesn t even begin to describe what I thought of it Alexandrea Weis wrote characters that are experiencing longing, need, sadness, guilt, desire, lustthings we all experience at some point or another Diary of a One Night Stand deals with real life, period.I think that, becuase of the title, I expected a book full of sex and not much else Yes, there was sex involved but the story line went much deeper than a book full of sex scenes We follow Kara, an attorny, who is married to an attorny To others she has a great life, married to a wonderful man, has a great ten year old, and has a good career But married life isn t as great as it once was and Kara wants .When Scott comes along Kara finds it hard to resist his charms and agrees to a one night stand What she isn t quite prepared for is how this one night stand can change everything.The only thing negative I have to say about this book is that there were a few typos, not enough to be a distraction it was just something that I caught I loved Diary of a One Night Stand and definitely recommend it to any adult Review from know not many people are fans of them, but I enjoy novels centered around cheating if the plot is well written and thought out and the character s isn t cheating with everyone in sight just because.Diary of a One Night Stand tells the story of a woman who I think many could relate to She s married to a man who works too much, spends too little time with their daughter and who she no longer finds attractive in any way During a work party, Kara suddenly finds herself drawn to Scott Ellsworth who easily convinces her to meet him at his hotel room one night and well, the title is born But of course nothing is ever just that one night, is it More sex,complications, a divorce and then the surprise ending all happens along the way.I can t say that I was a fan of Kara s I wish she had been a little stronger in an independent sort of way She went from living with her husband, to living with the guy she had the affair with towell, I don t want to spoil the ending so I ll just say that not once did she try and make it on her own She was so determined not to be like her mother but that s exactly what she was depending on men to take care of her You don t go from leaving your husband to moving in with some guy you ve known a couple of weeks, especially when you have a kid and take her with you No child should be confused like that I would have respected the characterif she had left her husband and stayed on her own with her daughter Scott yeah, I couldn t warm up to him either, although I liked the way Weis wrote him He presented himself as this great guy, a changed man, but really what a load of bull Most men with his reputation do not change overnight just because of one great lay And as devious as you find out he is in the ending I liked how the author made him the same old snake he always was It made the characterbelievable Surprisingly, my favourite character was Cal Yeah he could be a prick and he really needed to get his head out of his ass but once he did he was the kind of guy that could definitely sweep you off your feet Or re sweep in this case There were two things that bugged me 1 there s a part in the book where Kara asks Scott how he really feels about her and he of course instead of giving her an answer in words he shows her with sex If it had been slow and gentle and sweet that would have told her what she wanted to hear But instead he took her hard and rough Sure, it might have been passionate for him but there was nothing loving about it and that s what she wanted from him After he was done he told her that s how he felt about her Um, okay So he thinks you re a quick, hard fuck Because that s exactly what the sex was But she thinks it means he cares for her Can we say miscommunication And 2 the ending Not the epilogue because I thought that was good, but the actual ending The way Kara wasn t made to choose at all between the two men and fate, if you want to call it that, basically chose for her I wish she had been made to examine her feelings for both men and after living on her own for a while made it her choice who she wanted to be with However, despite those two things, and the way Kara irked me, I still enjoyed the story Alexandrea Weis creates a very believable plot and characters yes, as frustrating as Kara s character was she is believable because there are so many women like her. A few weeks back, I was afteradult contemporary books to review and luckily for me, Alexandrea Weis offered me her book, Diary of a One Night Stand so a big thank you to Alexandrea I enjoyed this story, it was just what I was looking for at the time and the author did a good job captivating me from the start I enjoyed how the story started, it doesn t start like any other book it starts by the main character having a one night stand with a guy she s attracted too and then, the story starts to come together We see the characters enjoy each other s company and bring in passion and happiness into one another s lives, but we also see the characters struggle with loss, so the story does become quite emotional and I have to admit, I wasn t expecting that I did also enjoyed how the story and the characters were so well developed Now while I enjoyed the story, I have to say, the characters we re a little older than I m used to I usually read young adult books or new adult, I ve never read a story where the character s where older than my parents the male lead is nearly 50, my dad is 44 so this kind of put me out of my comfort zone and took a while to get used to an older male lead However, I did still enjoy the story and I loved that in the end, the characters found what they were looking for Thank you to Alexandrea Weis for giving me the opportunity to review this book. It s refreshing that the heroine of Diary of a One Night Stand is not the usual twenty something Kara Barton is over forty, with a daughter of ten, which adds some much needed variation to the normal roster of romantic leads The same cannot quite be said of the One Night Stand of the title, Scott Ellsworth Scott is very much the mould of the good old fashioned dominant businessman dreamboat, so your enjoyment of the book will probably depend on how much you like that kind of character Confidence is certainly sexy, but Mr Ellsworth does rather take this to extremes he pretty much ignores all of Kara s requests and boundaries, on the assumption that he knows what s best for her Whether this adds fuel to the flames or islike a dash of cold water is for every woman to decide for herself The other player, Cal, begins the book with no redeeming characteristics having mentally slotted him into the villain role to start with, it was a welcome surprise to find, as the book progressed, that that certainly wasn t the whole story Without spoiling anything, the ending is unexpected but possibly a bit abrupt it might have been good to show a littleof what caused Kara to come to her final decision.Reviewed by Gina Tredwell on behalf of A Romance masquerading as a Chick Lit, it even has a HEA Kara Barton is an attractive, intelligent forty something lawyer who has been married for 12 years and has a spirited and precocious ten year old daughter She also has a very unhappy marriage with her husband, Cal Feeling as if her youth is slipping away and that she is no longer sexually attractive, Kara succumbs to the flirtations of a handsome older man who invites her to join him in a night of unbridled passion With the promise that this will only be a one time thing, she gets what she wants passion, excitement but perhaps .Scott Ellsworth is a man with a reputation He has a reputation for chasing married women and for causingthan one divorce in the process but he, himself, has no desire to be tied down or even in a relationship Yet when Kara Barton comes into his life, things change He cannot resist her after their one night stand and when her husband becomes violent, he comes to her rescue giving her and her daughter a place to stay even as he continues to romance her, seduce her, and claim her.DIARY OF A ONE NIGHT STAND by Alexandrea Weis surprised and delighted me It s a story of wishing for what was, what can be and discovering that it was there all along This story takes the reader through many ups and downs It s full of passion, heartache, anger, and resentment but most of all it s filled with a sense of wanting what once was and discovering that it had never gone away but merely changed over the years.I m not one to usually quote a book in a review but there is one line from the book that summed up this experience that Kara Barton and many other women are faced with sometimes the guy left holdin your hand when life turns to shit is the man you should give your heart to.DIARY OF A ONE NIGHT STAND by Alexandrea Weis may be labeled a Chick Lit but it s a romance It has everything in it that makes you smile, wipe away a tear, and cheer for the heroine when she finally stands up for herself.I do sincerely recommend DIARY OF A ONE NIGHT STAND by Alexandrea Weis to anyone who is looking for a grown up story about a grown up woman that is living a life that can change on a dime not once but twice And when her search for a real life ends, she discovers it s brought her full circle.Copy provided by author in return for an honest and unscripted review Thank you Alexandrea. I received this book From Alexandrea as a gift and I must say it was very intriguing and engaging as well When you are a 40 something year old woman in a marriage you feel is failing you just need to be reassured you are still attractive When Kara meets Scott for a what is thought of to be a one night stand her dream comes true, only Scott wantsand so does she Her husband Cal becomes angry and violent so Scott takes Kara and her daughter in to protect them i don t condone cheating but this book has a little bit of a twist on it that really keeps you interested and like I said intrigued This book is a great read and I recommend it to anyone who has a life of nothing and wantingI feel like Alexandrea portrayed Kara as an honest sort of type that we see in every day life One who is afraid of change in the beginning but when she realizes there is happiness out there that changes I could relate to her in many different ways Thanks For the awesome read Alexandrea. Kara is a woman in her mid 40 s and only looking for a one night stand, aiming to make it count But will it just be a one time thing During that night of passion, the two reminisce on their childhood This is only supposed to be a one time thing, right After all, Kara is a mom first, a lawyer second, and doesn t have time to be a woman Until that night It was just sex with no prospects or relationship But Scott is a man that always gets what he wants and doesn t give up too easily.The guilt of that one night eats away at Kara as she doesn t want to be like her mother to be promiscuous and go through all these different men Still, she resumes her mundane life as a wife and mother Her 52 year old husband, who recently had a heart attack, suspects that there sgoing on than just business between Kara and Scott And he certainly retaliates with his hot temper and jealousy I don t know why Kara even married Cal He s such a demanding jackass I mean, who dishes ultimatums If you don t marry me, I ll leave you If you don t give me a child, I ll divorce you Really Geez, it s a good thing Kara had Scott to vent and release her pent up energy She didn t realize until that moment how the short time she had spent with Scott had been a needed respite from her weary world 90 Pensive and thought provoking, story provides an interesting insight to the ramifications of a one night stand The best thing is that this doesn t read like a diary Well written and enticing for the most part Of course, the legalities at the end made it a little dull, but this was a good read overall. This book was reviewed by Musing Maddie for Ravishing Romances Read the full review here.How are the sex scenes Passionate and fast paced, with a little slow and seductive thrown in on occasion It was almost cringe worthy to readEvery time I m inside of you it s getting harder and harder to control myselfThe shower scene however hot How are the story lines They tackle the sad circumstance of a disintegrating marriage, the consequences of a passionate fling and the sordid city council dealings of a post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans The story is at times a little unbelievable yet does have a surprisingly satisfying outcome.ReviewAs a general rule, starting a book with infidelity does not engender the desire to continue to a story s conclusion Despite fairly weak dialogue at times, and questionable leaps in time, author Alexandrea Weis has managed to produce a story that you do want to finish.For those who need their HEA, you will find it in Diary of a One Night Stand It s not a book for readers who just want a light hearted romp, yet it is a compelling book to read, if you can digest a little intensity.For a fifty two year old, Scott Ellsworth is certainly a voracious lover It s not surprising that the lonely, affection starved Kara, keeps coming back for .One thing that is somewhat irritating throughout the book is the dysfunctional relationships that Kara has with everyone in her orbit She seems to be very self absorbed with little foresight of the consequences of her actions As she becomesself aware, and ishonest with her mother Helen, her husband Cal, and even her boss Joe, she becomeshonest with herself, and as a result, almost likeable Thankfully, there are a few moments of light hearted relief in the form of Simone, Kara s feisty, ten year old daughter Her take on the world, and her funny quips and delightful sense of humour, are nicely written For the most part though,Diary of a One Night Stand, is quite sad.An Epilogue is provided, giving the reader some hope and a smile. Resilient And Practical, Kara Barton Has Continually Strived To Live A Respectable Life She Went To College, Embarked On A Promising Career As An Attorney, Married A Great Guy, And Always Appeared To Be The Perfect Wife And Mother But All Is Not What It Seems, And The Troubling Past Kara Has Been Running From Her Entire Life Is About To Catch Up With Her Urged On By Her Insecurities About Growing Older, And Desperately Wanting To Feel One Night Of Passion, Kara Agrees To Share A Tryst In A Hotel Room With A Sexy Business Associate, Scott Ellsworth But Scott Wants Than One Night Together, And Kara Quickly Discovers It Is Impossible To Resist Him Soon Kara Finds Herself Transformed Into The Kind Of Woman She Vowed Never To Become, And The Secure World She Has Struggled All Her Life To Build Begins To Fall Apart Kara Barton Is About To Find Out How A One Night Stand Can Change Everything