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The Captain Of This Brave And Bumbling Pirate Crew Has Ordered Them To Capture The Entire Alphabet And They Ll Walk The Plank If They Re Missing A Single Letter Now These Swashbuckling Mateys Are Embarking On An Alphabet Adventure Unlike Any Other, And They Won T Ahem, Can T Rest Until They Ve Found An A, A Z, And Everything In BetweenJune Sobel S Hilarious Text And Henry Cole S Adventurous Animal Pirates Harmonize In An Irresistible Book For Alphabet Learning, Pirate Loving Kids Everywhere This book is great for a pirate lover or as a way to introduce pirates and the idea of a treasure hunt to kids Animal pirates go sailing in search of all the letters of the alphabet Kids get practice scanning as they look for the treasure Shiver Me Letters makes great use of thematic elements they find an anchor, a cannonball, gold, a map, and a sword, etc I m trying to pay some attention to introducing my kids to important children s themes, like pirates, so this is great for that kind of literary education.However, some elements are a bit of a miss they find B floating on a bay and a few of the illustrations aren t well executed the S shaped sword is too subtle But it s easy to hurry past the lesser moments because the rhyming verse is quick paced and carries you along easily.I am a huge fan of Sobel s writing She is an expert in pulse and sound, and I like her choice to have each rhyme land on the the next letter of the alphabet Because of this structure, my son Harry is able to predict what is coming if he forgets where we are in the story He announces each letter with a huge smile at precisely the right beat This confidence booster is fabulous for kids who like to be correct Who doesn t and for those who really enjoy participating with fill ins. I love the illustrations and the concept of these pirates hunting for letters And it is a fun read aloud.It s the letters the letters are too subtle in the illustrations and in the text A B floated by onthe crystal clear bay Will young children know that bay begins with B While looking at the illustration, they will see the B floating in the water Pure fun and joy It s like watching an episode of the original Electric Company or Sesame Street Seeing your ABCs with this pirate crew is wonderful and casting a crocodile as the Pirate Captain is a winning move Great rhyming being done here too. So who wouldn t like pirates as a little kid When I saw this book I knew that I had to borrow it from the library to read to my three year old as we learned about the alphabet This book did not disappoint and my older two kiddos were in luck when Mason selected to read this for bedtime In the book Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC by June Sobel the illustrations were so colorful and really draw your eyes in to the whole book Also the illustrations covered the whole page so there was a lot to see on each page I really liked how they didn t have to stretch the text to fit each letter The kids had a blast saying arrthrough out the book as we read it Ginny 7 years old loved being able to read along with me Miles 5 years old loved shouting Arand pointing out the letters Mason 3 years old just giggled through out the book But don t take our word for it check out this book It might surprise you.ARRDon t forget to check out Mason 1000 Books before Kindergarten list. Between 3 and 4 stars, depending on what you re reading it for, I think For purposes here, I m rounding up.It s a cute alphabet book, with pirates hunting down letters Arrrrrr wasn t enough for them The rhyme and rhythm are both solid, not too sing songy and still emphasize the particular letter being found B in the bay, for example I like it, and have used itthan once for a storytime book for pirates, of course , and while it works, at the same time, some of the letters are smaller or well hidden in the pictures and harder for the audience to see It would work much better for a one on one read in that respect, when the kids can get up close and personal with the pictures Still, the children enjoyed the stories, had some good alphabet practice and could still point out a lot of the letters in the pictures as we read So, 3 stars for a storytime read would love for some of the letters to be a little bigger or clearer and 4 for a one on one read Rounding up, 4 stars. Delightfully illustrated with a crew of animal pirates, the rhyming text in this book details the pirates search for letters other than R so that they can be tough And just to make sure that this bumbling crew follows his orders, the pirate captain decrees they ll walk the plank if they don t find every single letter.Young readers will delight in the antics of the pirate crew as they learn the alphabet The illustrations are a perfect companion to the text, making this adventure pure fun for pirate loving readers of all ages.Highly recommended. 1 Awards None2 Grade level Preschool Kindergarten 3 Original summary Go on a pirate adventure with your class and try finding all the letters hidden through out the pages Your class is sure to have an adventurous time 4 Original review This is a book that I use in my preschool classroom They love looking along and trying to find all the hidden letters on the page.5 Classroom uses Use as an assessment tool for letters, ask a child to find a certain letter on each page. The idea is cute, even if the rhymes are a bit clunky at time and annoyingly the illustrations cute as they are do not match what is being said The E and F and U and V combinations are especially frustrating to me, as is the fact that they were supposed to be toothlessly sailing and there is the pirate pig with a big grin of teeth But, I digress My two year old loves this book and I only complain because I am forced to read it about four times a day She loves finding the letters, which is what one hopes this book would inspire So, ahoy Read on we shall Your kiddo will have fun spotting the alphabet throughout these piratey pages Ages 3 6 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.