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When Flinn Discovers A Pirate Hiding In The School Supply Closet, It S All Aboard, Me Hearties, For A Real Live Pirate Adventure Captain Stubble Needs Flinn S Help To Find His Stolen Ship, But There Are Some Mean Pirate Dinosaurs On The Loose, And Flinn And His Friends Soon Sail Into TroubleWill Fearless Flinn Be Able To Captain The Ship And Defeat The Pirate Dinosaurs

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    My whole family loved this book A wonderful story that mixes dinosaurs with pirates and has beautiful illustrations, we devoured this book over and over again It even has a snakes and ladders game in the back of the book to play which we loved I highly recommend following the directions and wearing pirate hats Highly recommended

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    PIRATE DINOSAURS What else needs to be said

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    Like most children, my daughter is fascinated by both dinosaurs and pirates so a book that has Pirate Dinosaurs was certain to catch her eye Along with, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Missing Treasure and Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Magic Cutlass this book made up the Story Treasure Chest compilation.All three books start off with Flinn and his friends at school or on a school trip when, through natural curiosity they get warped into a world where Pirate Dinosaurs rule the seas bullying the rather wimpy human Pirates and planning to eat them on a barbeque with far too much tomato ketchup This is where they the human pirates then require the help of the very brave Flinn and his friends.These books are very well done, you can t help but put on your best Pirate voice whilst you sing a shanty or loudly ROAR when the Tyrannosauraus Rex makes an entrance which, after months of reading still makes my daughter jump in delighted terror The narrative and comic style illustrations are witty and engaging and potentially darker than your average younger childs book, but deliciously so Verdict A delightful and amusing read that you won t mind reading again and again, let alone your children Karen

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    This charming tale of Flinn s fascination with pirates and dinosaurs takes creativity to a new level The story is one of friendship, bravery and courage Captian Flinn and his fellow pirate friends help save the day and retrieve the ship of desperate Captain Stubble Flinn shows his bravery for standing up to the bully dinosaurs and fighting for the Acorn to be back in Captain Stubbles command The illustrations truly enhance the story with their great colors and marvelous detail This story would be wonderful for any introduction to standing up to bullies, be brave or being a true friend I would recommend this story for advanced kindergarteners all the way through 3rd grade and the book would be a great read aloud.

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    My 6 year old son recently borrowed this book from out local library Flinn loves dinosaurs and pirates One day at school, he was coloring a new dinosaur picture, but didn t have enough markers His teacher told him to look in the supply closet for some While in the supply closet he notices a noise He looked around for the noise and noticed that there was something shaking under an old curtain He lifted up the curtain and found a real pirate captain The pirate needed Flinn s help to find his stolen ship A few of Flinn s friends also agreed to help So the pirate, Flinn, and his friends set out on the adventure to find the stolen ship Once the ship is found, they are surprised at whom it was that stole it A good adventure for little readers even though I feel it is a little lengthy for the recommended age My son need a little help with some of the text Nice illustrations.

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    This is an excellent book that is about a boy named Flynn who discovers a pirate who seeks helps to get his pirate ship back from dinosaurs who are pirates, they all go on a swashbuckling adventure to defeat the great dinosaur pirates.I used this book in a year 1 class and the kids loved it, anything with dinosaurs would get the kids motivated and completely engaged We spent a week in literacy on this book from creating a fantasy setting to dressing up as pirates an using this theme in our assembly So we made a large pirate ship front, and benches were used for seating arrangement, we sang a few songs to go with it We had used props that we had made, ie paper hats, eye patches, and stripped shirts The whole year group followed suit with their own versions of the story Highly recommended and great fun for all,the children get to use all the skills, from writing,singing, retelling a story, team working and show casing their achievements.

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    Class read 12.04.16 I think I enjoyed it than my class didMy class found some of the vocabulary difficult e.g cutlass and thought it was a bit strange that they left the school closet and ended up finding pirates They found that very confusing.There were opportunities for inference questions but my class were definitely not ready in year one for this at all There were some children, who have strong English, enjoyed this but I think children, who struggle, as a result of EAL, I felt struggled The pictures were very jam packed, which did not aid the coherence of the text.Personally, I really enjoyed it and liked the idea of pirate dinosaurs There s definitely a number of opportunities to extend this but I don t think year one would have been able to cope with this.

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    Who this book would be for K 5Personal reflection Flinn, a dinosaur loving and imaginative child, finds himself transported from the classroom supply closet to a pirate ship with his friends and Captain Stubble The captain has lost his ship but to who Dinosaurs Captain Flinn sails on a adventure to find Captain Stubble s boat and defeat the ferocious dinosaur pirates This book is fun to show students they can use their imaginations to make their pictures and writing can become anything This book may be a great way to get children to start thinking outside of the box before starting a writing project.

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    PIRATES AND DINOSAURS It s like the Reese s Peanut Butter Cups of books It was so popular at our house that one of Boy Detective s school teachers asked to borrow it Truth be told, I was laughing as much as the kids Well of course Captain Stubble is crying because dinosaurs stole his pirate ship And of course Flinn and his school friends, who find the Captain in the back of their classroom s supply closet, are the only ones who can help What doesn t make sense about that The art is kid like to represent Flinn s imagination, without being messy and incoherent Go for it, you won t be sorry

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    Flinn runs out of pens to color his dinosaur drawing and on his trip to the supply closet runs into a marooned pirate captain whose ship has been stolen Flinn can t leave a pirate in need just sitting there, so he and his friends take the handy door that opens to the ocean with Captain Stubble Little does Flinn realize that the ship has been captured not just by pirates, but by dinosaur pirates and it will take an epic battle to reclaim Stubble s ship.A rollicking adventurous tale that will leave adventure lovers clamoring for .