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A Perfectly Pitched, Irresistibly Charming Read Aloud Picture Book For The Youngest Pirate Enthusiasts Down, Down, Down The Dark, Dark Street They Came Up, Up, Up The Dark, Dark House They Climbed Stealthy As Shadows, Quiet As Mice Only The Moon Was Watching When They Arrived Only The Moon Was Watching When They Left Only The Moon One Little Boy Tom Is Awoken By A Band Of Rough, Tough Little Girl Pirates, So What Does He Do He Joins Their Ranks Together They Set Sail In Search Of Treasure But What Will Happen When They Meet A Crew Of Rough, Tough Grown Up Pirates Readers Will Be Swept Up In The Spare, Jaunty Text, Quirky Illustrations In This Unexpected Bedtime Adventure

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    The Night Pirates is a children s adventure book about some brave little girl pirates that take a young boy called Tom along with the front of his house on a mission to steal the treasure of some really, tough grown up pirates.The story is captivating The use of rhyme, alliteration and atmospheric illustrations build the suspense and excitement The words are cleverly placed in patterns across each page which add to the drama and carry you along on the adventure Different sized text is used to indicate different volumes and voices and leads you to whisper and roar along with the characters in the story.This has been one of my 3 year old son s favourite books for the last year He loves reading the words aloud with me and putting on a grumpy voice for the fierce Captain Patch when he curses If you don t give me my treasure back, I ll tell my MUM He still gasps at every twist and turn The book has spurred his fascination with pirates and has led to us dressing up, making maps and undertaking treasure hunts around the house and even visiting a pirate exhibition.I can imagine using this book for a reception or Year 1 class reading the book aloud, asking the children to draw their own pirates, create a storyboard of parts of the story and as a class writing our own version of the story For a Year 2 class, the book could be used to encourage children to write poetry using alliteration and lots of adjectives The fun theme of the book could be used to develop other curricular subjects, like learning about famous pirates in history For maths and geography, treasure maps could be used to help children learn about directions and co ordinates and they could create their own treasure map using ICT.I think that every child will love this book and that it could make a fantastic teaching resource.

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    As kids picture books go, The Night Pirates is right up there with Where the Wild Things Are, The Sneetches and Stone Soup as one of my all time faves The art is beautiful, GIRLS can be Pirates how s that for crazy , the writing is perfectly suited to oral delivery, and there is NO violence The closest we come is a big, bad Pirate Master threatening to sic his Mom on those who take his treasure.It is wonderful Read it to your kids, then have them read it to you I guarantee figuratively that you will love it.

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    I loved the illustrations They were so warm for a book set at night The mix of different medias was lovely I was especially fond of the graph paper houses And I loved the fact that the pirates were little girls who didn t exclude Tom for being a boy, which is a Good Lesson to throw in , and the baddies were the rough, tough, grown up pirates I liked the placement of the text on the page, the changes in the size, and the different fonts for certain words like Captain Patch and girl pirates although that might make reading along difficult for younger children The ending was great Poor postman.

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    Absolutely charming.

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    This is a great book for KS1 as it has repetitive, descriptive language and an easy to understand plot which mildly promotes gender equality The book coincides well with Pie Corbett s T4L scheme as the children are able to imitate, innovate and invent the book very easily with supervision from the Teacher I used this book during SBT 1 with the poem If I was a Pirate by Josh Gill and the chn really enjoyed it.

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    My 4 year old niece, Daisy and I have been having a bit of a pirate themed day We went on a treasure hunt around the house earlier, and she now has a chest full of treasure, so this was a fun book to read to her.

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    Nice pirate story for all ages The illustrations are a mix of different medium collage, pencil and paint, I believe I like that the pirates are girls and allow the boy to play with them Fun for preK and up.

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    During the night, Tom awakens to some noises Turns out some girl pirates are stealing his house He does the logical thing, and joins them on their adventure.A fun nighttime story about pirates And girl pirates at that Fun illustrations with rhyming text make it a good read aloud for little ones.

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    Up up up the dark house they climbed Stealthy as shadows, quiet as mice Rough, tough little girl pirates The Night Pirates is unlike any other pirate story, primarily as the pirates are not the coarse, burly men we know of as pirates But instead little girls that come to take Tom away on an adventure during the night The story begins with the pirates quietly coming down the street and climbing into Tom s house before taking him off onto an adventure aboard a house shaped pirate ship Here he is taken to an island where Captain Patch and his fellow grown up pirates lay snoozing around a treasure chest Tom waves across the waters to Captain Patch who tries, but fails, to awake his fellow pirates as he is stunned by the house sailing towards him Tom and the girl pirates leap out at Captain Patch and his crew however their tremendous roar frightens the pirates away leaving Tom and the girl pirates to steal away their treasure All this ensues with only the moon as witness to Tom s great adventure The Night Pirates is a great book to share with KS1 as the words illustrations are easy to follow Also, it is a book that can cater to not only boys love of pirates but also to the little girls that may have a little girl pirate hidden within them Many activities can be centred on this book from role play as key characters within the book to hot seating to find out what a character may be feeling at a specific point in the book Also, art activities could also be focussed around creating pirate hats, treasure chests and even masks that portray Tom or the pirates As a basis for writing, The Night Pirates could be used to support recount writing such as a diary entry from Tom s point of view on his adventure or even as one of the adults pirates after losing their treasure Whilst it can be enjoyed as an independent read, this is definitely one of those books that would be enjoyed immensely as a whole class read, particularly if read with expression.The Night Pirates is one of the lesser known children s books within schools but definitely one that can be enjoyed not only by little children but also adults, as Peter Harris and Deborah Allright write in a manner that is engaging for all.

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    A fantastic read for a KS1 whole class read Harris captures childrens imaginations cleverly and challenges the normal bounds of pirate stories by having the pirates as girls The idea of dreams is cleverly conveyed allowing children to begin to look at inference within books and wider meaning The layout and illustrations within the book work perfectly to capture and engage its audience Finally the book allows for children to experiment reading with plenty of expression and changing voices to suit characters This book was well received and loved by my year 1 class and I would recommend it as an exciting read for any year group within KS1.