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This is a cute book. A solid start to what later leads to one of the best read aloud books ever Pirate Pete s Talk Like a Pirate if voice acted well by the reader.Recommended for young readers pirate promoters of all ages Where s there s good, I m a going. Pete and his adventures of finding good Sweet children s read, especially if each character has own voice And we like to act book out forfun Prose and interesting story of pirate with ADD Seems to get sidetracked before he can bury his treasure Cute ideas and liked the use of pirate terminology Cute for read aloud to K 3rd grade boys and girls Might be a good one to start writing ideas about islands and pirates and what each person thinks is treasure. When Pirate Pete Hears The Queen Has Discovered A Treasure Map, He Must Have It With The Map In Hand, Pete And His Parrot Hit The High Seas Along The Way, However, Pete Cannot Pass Up A Chance To Plunder Gold, And So He Sets Ashore A Various Islands In Search Of Riches We based our whole pirate topic around this book Brilliant. This was a cute little book It was quick and entertaining Perfect to keep my son s attention. My son is a huge pirate fan He loves this book. I liked this one better Pete and his parrot went on search for some treasure but got sidetracked Wonderful pictures and a fun fast plot. We checked this out the other day and have already read it four timescan you say pirate phase