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When A Dragon Storms The Castle, What Should A Virgin Princess Do Why, Turn To Her Studies, Of Course But Nothing Practical Minded Princess Andromeda Of Acadia Finds Gives A Definitive Solution The Only Traditional Answer, Though, Is Soothing The Marauding Dragon By A Virgin Sacrifice Things Are Going Fairly Smoothly With The Lottery Except For The Women Chosen, Of Course Until Princess Andromeda Herself Is Picked But Facing Down The Dragon Doesn T Go Quite As Planned, And Now, With The Help Of Her Champion, Sir George, Andromeda Searches For The Dragon S Lair But Even Especially In The Five Hundred Kingdoms, Bucking Tradition Isn T Easy It Takes The Strongest Of Wills, Knowledge, Quick Wits And A Refusal To Give Up, No Matter What Happens Along The Way After reading and loving Lackey s The Fairy Godmother , I was a little hesitant to continue the series since so many reviewers seemed to have some major problems with the second installment I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book held my attention almost as much as its predecessor.While I must agree that plot elements can be a little predictable and that sometimes the main character s inner dialogue has a tendency to repeat itself, overall I found the kingdom of Acadia and its inhabitants engaging enough to hold my interest for hours at a time Princess Andromeda is, in my mind, a well balanced combination of intelligence, strength, and feminine sweetness I find it refreshing to spend some time with a heroine who is strong and shows independence without adopting other unintended characterizations like cruelty I also thoroughly enjoyed the cameos featuring Godmother Elena from the first book, which effectively bridge these two separate kingdoms and remind readers why they fell in love with The Five Hundred Kingdoms in the first place.Those expecting a fairy tale romance might be disappointed to learn that one does not surface until very near the end, but those like myself who are satisfied with exploring this world in which The Tradition the force behind all fairy tales lives will be quite content indeed. 3.5 starsThis was not my favorite book of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, but it wasn t my least favorite, either The blurb made me think that One Good Knight started out with a dragon chomping on virgins, but in actuality it takes a while to get to that part of the story There is going on in this kingdom than meets the eye, as Andie discovers The twist as the end of the book was cute, unfortunately I already knew about it I can t remember where I saw the spoiler, but I m sure it was my own fault for finding out I ve really got to stop doing that I think if I hadn t known what was going to happen in advance, I might have found it entertaining As with most of Lackey s books, the romance is not very in depth Yes, characters fall in love, but it isn t the driving force of the plot So what you re left with is a lighthearted fairytale fantasy that moves at a decent pace, and has fairly likable characters.Recommended for fans of Lackey and fantasy lite. Ahh Such a amazing book Great story, setting, characters, message, villains, dialouge just EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.I have ZERO complaints.Also those villains, oh so freaking scary and heartless 2.5Andromeda, Andie, is the Princess of Acadia however, at the age of 19 she is not treated like a Princess Her mother pushes her to the side and does not give her any responsibilities until Andie searches out responsibility This leads her to uncovering some odd occurrences that have been happening throughout the Kingdom Around this time the Tradition seems to step in and the Kingdom is plagued by a monster with no Champion to save them.This book was meh It was really hard to get into the characters and the world and the major plot points were pretty easy to guess There were some comical parts to the book and I do like the concept of the Tradition however, the execution of this book was pretty lackluster. So much fun I would really have loved the series when I was an innocent young teen lo these several decades ago Then the little bits of awkward writing mechanics and occasional errors inconsistencies wouldn t have bothered me at all I would simply have been enchanted by fascinating world building and all the different characters, many of whom are females who are strong and smart and wicked and lazy and etc in all sorts of different ways.I m becoming such a fan of Lackey I plan not only to read all books in this set but maybe find another book or series by her.Btw, the first book in the 500 Kingdoms does have some sexy bits that I would not have been ready for until I was about 14 This one is not only at least as easy to read but is also clean enough for even a 12 yo Oh, hey, but don t get me wrong, by easy I don t mean trite There s plenty here to spark a reader s imagination and even to provoke discussion in a book club.And there s quotable bits We re clever and cunning, not intelligent, the fox corrected absently Not the same thing at all. Andie is a princess.A princess who wears oculars and drab clothing and has practically no powers of persuasion.She doesn t dream of competing with the queen for power, prestige, and financial wealth.All Andie wants is for her mother to notice her.Unfortunately sometimes it s better to go unnoticed.At least when your mother has an evil magician working at her behest to lure a dragon to eat the virgin daughters of people who disagree with her.Book 2 in the 500 Kingdoms Series I liked Andie and all the servants who go about protecting her from the harshness of her mother Until, of course, the inevitable On to book 3. The first half of this book was pretty good, but boy did it go downhill very abruptly Suddenly, the story is riddled with plot holes, instalove, and the same things getting really over explained.The thing that bothered me the most was this the main character meets a guy who is all don t fall in love with me But she blatantly admits in internal dialogue that she s falling in love with him He turns out to be a girl in disguise, and the fact that the main character was attracted to her when she thought she was a boy is never talked about again As soon as the guy is discovered to be a girl in disguise, I thought there would be an awesome f f romance But no The girls both fall in love with dragons instead, when they pretty much had no chemistry, and it all felt very forced Overall, this book got off to a great start but the 2nd half made no damned sense at all.Since I normally really like her books, I was pretty disappointed. One Good Knight takes place in the Five Hundred Kingdoms world established by The Fairy Godmother Lackey writes an engaging retelling of the Andromeda sacrifice Andie, our main character, is a pretty standard Lackey heroine Spunky, smart, overlooked in intelligence beauty and yet loved by her commoner friends Oh yah, and has a mother who secretly hates her and has a dark secret.At the same time, I don t mind the cliches as much as I would otherwise as Lackey has established that she s playing a sandbox where cliche Tradition is a living force, so all of that makes sense I liked the mystery set up and I liked some of the side digressions I was interested in how Lackey handled the Champion coming to Andie s aid without becoming her One True Love However, it meant that Andie s romance wasn t introduced until page 260 or so of a 450 page book And the romance wasn t even apparent until like page 320 I don t have a problem with that per se, except that this was a LUNA book and supposed to have romance as a backbone As it was, it felt like something likely to be published as fantasy with the romance tacked on Additionally, we didn t get a huge amount of lead up for this to have really worked for me in detail Almost none of the POV from the lover, and yet we had Andie s POV and that of the villians.I d still recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Lackey s Fairy Godmother and Elena does make an appearance here or to people who enjoy reworking and retelling of fairy tales But it isn t Lackey s strongest offering and the romance is lacking for anyone seeking that.Though the digression on having democracy in a small midevil kingdom was hilarious. Andromeda is a princess, and is very smart Her mother keeps her at a distance and doesn t really want her learning too much, including how to govern When the kingdom is threatened by a dragon, they decide to offer sacrificial virgins to appease it I mostly enjoyed it, but it was a bit odd and had a definite weird ending I m not sure if I want to continue the series, but since they all seem to be about different characters, I think I will I think the series is really just the same world.