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[epub] Tears of a Clown Author M.B. Mulhall –

This book took me by surprise It was fun, smart, and vaguely reminiscent of the classic, Pride and Prejudice with a few hilarious modern day twists thrown in for fun, of course I felt like I knew these characters I wanted to strangle the rah rahs and hang out with Jazz Tonsil hockey with Judd wouldn t be the worst thing ever, either If you re looking for a fun YA read that s familiar enough to feel like real life, but different enough to keep you turning those pages, give Tears of a Clown a try MB Mulhall can sure turn a phrase must have been Darby s snarky influence there A amazing and hilarious story One wouldn t think that a Juggalette named Darcy would be highly relatable to, but MB has the gift of making all the characters believable, likeable, and has quite the streak of humor woven throughout Read MB, not Twilight From MB s 1 fan Really fun book A high school girl moves to a small town in Georgia with her newly married father She happens to be someone who paints her face like a clown in homage to her favorite band She s an outsider from the big city and has no way of fitting in and mostly doesn t want to But on her first day of school she meets two boys, Chaz and Judd, one the preppy guy the other the bad boy Both are well known and they both appear attracted to the new girl, Darcy Even though she suffers bullying and attacks from the cheerleaders and other people, Darcy navigates her way through high school with her new friend, Jasmine, and they all get up to some shenanigans that will make you laugh.I read this book in a day and a half and enjoyed it immensely I went from Team Chaz to Team Judd and back again before settling on my final choice I also liked the bit of revenge incorporated in the book.The only warning I would have is that younger YA readers should avoid this due to one pretty steamy sex scene between Darcy and someone else Not telling In the end, you ll be rooting for Darcy and her Riders laughing along with them. This book is one that I am incredibly glad that I read It was truly entertaining and interesting and one that I was simply truly invested in I loved the characters and felt a small sadness when I realised I had finished the book and no longer had them around for company I felt that the serious topics brought about in this book were all handled well, even with the humour that was spaced throughout the story It is a read that I would easily recommend to other readers who love a good contemporary YA story, especially one that is light but heavy all at the same time It is a story that will stay with me for a long time and one that I can imagine reading time and time again A thoroughly enjoyable read.To read a longer,detailed review of this book, feel free to head over to my blog post, here One of my favorite things I ve written I don t know if it s really as funny as I think, but it sure as hell cracks me up D Serious, funny, highs and lows Great story Loved it Some Girls Wear Makeup To Enhance Their Natural BeautySome Wear It To Make Themselves Look Sexy And Mature, In The Hopes To Attract The Attention Of A ParamourDarcy Wears Hers As A Mask, A Deterrent, A Tribute Of Sorts To The Musical Group Who Got Her Through Her Parents Messy DivorceWhen She S Uprooted From Her Hometown In Detroit And Plopped Down Into Rural Georgia, The Townsfolk Don T Know Whether She S An Escapee From The Circus Or A Devil Worshiping Antichrist Looking To Kill Their Pets And Corrupt Their Children Much To Her Surprise, Darcy Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Bizarre Love Triangle The Preppy Good Looking Popular Boy That All Parents Would Love On One Side, And The Bad Boy Heartthrob That Would Have Fathers Sitting On Their Porches With Shotguns And Mothers Buying Chastity Belts On The OtherNot Surprisingly, Darcy Also Finds Herself The Object Of Cruel Jokes, Bullying And Pies In The Face While She S Trying To Stand Up For What She Believes In And Exact Revenge On Those Who Treat Her And Her Friends Badly, She Also Has To Decide Between The Two Guys Vying For Her AttentionWill One Of Them Really Be Able To See Beyond The Makeup And Love Her For Her Or Will She End Up Just Being A Pawn In A Long Standing Rivalry Between The Boys Recommended For Older Teens Age