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Somewhere In Milwaukee, There Is A Mall With A Specialty Boutique Called Large Luscious The Women Who Work There, While Of Different Ages And Backgrounds And Hair Color And Heritage, All Carry The Same Name The Fat Girl They Are As Society Sees Them And They Are As They See Themselves This Collection Of Linked Short Stories Takes The Reader Through Cancer And Sex, Motherhood And Death, Rejection And Acceptance There Are Fat Girls At The State Fair, Fat Girls In Starbucks, And Fat Girls In Bars, In Bed, And Alone All Of The Fat Girls Are Seekers The Anonymity Of Their Name And The Barrier Of Their Bodies Lead Some Into Discovering Their Own Abundance Others Sink Further Into Struggle All Readers, Regardless Of Size, Will Learn That There Is So Much To A Fat Girl Than Her Weight We Are All So Much Than Our Bodies

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    Absolutely LOVED this collection of short stories The stories are poignant, real, and some are sad The story The Fat Girl in Disguise made me cry I wanted them to accept her so badly Then I wanted her to accept herself so badly The last story is really uplifting, clever, and made me just giggle Kathie Giorgio has an amazing talent In this day and age it s not OK to discriminate against many groups of people, but boy it sure seems OK to torture Fat People I suggest everyone read this book for a little perspective I am very thankful to have won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway

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    There was so much to be impressed by when reading Enlarged Hearts by Kathie Giorgio from her ease with words to her original voice and use of imagery to tackling difficult topics I had several favorite short stories in this collection, including The Fat Girl in Disguise, The Fat Girl at the Fair and The Fat Girl Strides High Each of the Fat Girls has a unique and compelling story that draws the reader in Through her words, Giorgio gives her readers access to the Fat Girls innermost thoughts, desires and fears Each story evokes strong feelings in the reader Enlarged Hearts is a real masterful collection of short stories.

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    Disclosure I went to graduate school with Kathie Giorgio and wrote the cover blurb for her first novel With that being said, I was really excited to read _Enlarged Hearts_ Kathie does something really interesting with this short story collection in terms of challenging readers beliefs on body image In each story, the main character is known as the Fat Girl I thought this was such a brave move so that we have to consciously think about how we label others and how we label ourselves.There are scathing moments in the short story collection, such as when a girl is buying a homecoming gown in a plus size boutique, and her mother is berating her in front of the other customers The mother says, Why can t you just lose weight We ve tried every diet there is, and still you re fat We would have so many choices at other stores But you just eat and eat and eat and eat You re a little pig Don t you have any self respect at all There are beautiful moments where one of the Fat Girls questions why her health nut husband died of a heart attack while out running, yet she is still around.There were moments where I found myself judging the characters I ll admit I wondered, Well, why is she eating that Or there were moments when a thin character made poor food decisions, and I judged that I think it s marvelous that Kathie was able to put together this collection which really makes us question the way we perceive ourselves and others.It is also skillfully woven together the stories all involve women who work at the Large Luscious Large Women s Clothing Boutique, and you catch different glimpses of them in each other s stories in and outside of the store.

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    Kathie Giorgio is a local writing coach, and I was curious to see what her fiction was like This collection is a series of short stories with the unnamed Fat Girl as she is called as the central character in each At first, I felt a little confined by these parameters.always the Fat Girl s daily experiences with a great deal of time spent at her job at Large and Luscious, a clothing store that specializes in larger sizes of women s clothes But, some of the stories are experimental, which offers variety in style and theme My favorite The Fat Girl Strides High centers on a trip to the Grand Canyon, a place where big and beautiful are celebrated and not shunned Giorgio does a great job with her description, especially of scenery and various body parts She is unflinching in taking on both the physical and mental realities of fat and I was moved by the character s realistic movement from acceptance to shame and back again depending on circumstances, including outrageous meanness on the part of mothers, strangers, teenagers who treat Fat Girls as an outlet for what must be their own deep seated unhappiness.

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    I love this book of short stories about Fat Girls It s an unusual collection, each story about a different Fat Girl never given another name who is connected with the Large Luscious Large Women s Clothing Boutique at a shopping mall somewhere in America These stories both tear at the heart and make it bubble with joy The Fat Girls struggle to fit into a world where they are scolded, made fun of, and deemed unacceptable In each of these stories, we get close look at how harsh their world can be When a Fat Girl goes to the state fair, for example, a carnival worker drags her over and makes people guess her weight At the Food Court in the mall, rowdy teenagers drop their leftovers on a Fat Girl s table and taunt her to eat them But it s not all bad There are moments when a Fat Girl glories in her bounteous size and zaftig beauty and we love her for that These stories, like the shop, are large and luscious, and, like all of Giorgio s books, delightfully original If you don t want to read them because they re about fat girls, shame on you.

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    Insightful, heart wrenching, maddening, and entertaining Kathy Giorgio does not shy away from painful and dark secrets Her work is introspective and draws us into the reality of her characters This earlier collection of short stories by this Wisconsinite is a favorite It never strays far from my bedside table.

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    This is a fabulous collection of short stories by an extremely talented writer Highly recommended.