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A Routine Assignment Transporting Two Death Row Prisoners To Their Executions Goes Fatally Wrong, Leaving Dave Robicheaux Brutally Wounded And His Partner Dead Obsessed With Revenge, Dave Is Persuaded By The DEA To Go Undercover Into The Torrid Sleepy Depths Of New Orleans, A Volatile World Of Mafia Drug Running And Cajun Voodoo Magic He Becomes Irrevocably Snarled In The Nightmarish Web Surrounding Mafia Don Tony Cardo And Must Put Himself Against His Own Worst Fears In Order To Survive

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    5 The Robicheaux novels are one of the crowning glories of mystery fiction John ConnollyOften a reader is engaged in trying to figure out or second guess the bad guys but equal scrutiny must be given to Dave Robicheaux and friends With one foot in and the other one out, he s intensely complex with a brain split right down the middle Carl Jung would have loved this guy I don t know how he keeps it together Off the booze, down at the Caf du Monde almost every morning eating beignets, po boys for lunch, then later, red beans and dirty rice with boudin for dinner and then there s the company he keeps.This one is my favorite in the series so far The action is intelligently restrained, sharing the spotlight with superb characters, poetical landscapes, and mouth watering dialogue while plumbing the depths of human souls in varying stages of unrest Individuals in search of redemption Connolly would say, some of whom are trying to do the right and honorable thing But hold on podna Dave is trying to be a good guy by helping bring down the bad guy But he likes and partly admires the bad guy and the bad guy likes and admires him JLB had me thinking of Tony C as a bon ami See I need Freud s couch to lie down on and work this shite out And Clete Purcell is back With friends like him enemies will be closer It was almost too much for me in one book Local craft beer was necessary to keep my inner turmoil at sea level Barrel House Big Sir Double IPA I m so grateful it is not necessary to attend Dave s AA meetings and drink Dr Peppers to cope I don t know how he does it Ah Jimmy, cher, you have cast the gris gris on me, you.Of special note for fans Via live chat a couple of days ago JLB said 21 titled Robicheaux has been delivered to his publisher and writing on 22 recently begun Hmmm, how many smiley emoticons can fit in this review If you ve been tempted to try these out but daunted by the entire collection they will stand on their own and this one would be a great choice to pull out of the pack all the stars plus a beer toast.

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    With some series, you fall in love with the main characters Watch with interest as they confront their problems, admire their decisions, root for them during lows, and celebrate the victories Dave Robicheaux is the protagonist in James Lee Burke s series of the same name, and I m not particularly sure I like him Robicheaux, that is, not Burke I do know one thing, however I m in love with Burke s ability to bring a setting to life In fact, if Burke ever leaves the mystery gig and heads into travel writing, I ll be there in a hot minute It has stopped raining now, and the air was clear and cool, the sky dark except for a lighted band of purple clouds low on the western horizon I drove through the parking lot to the back of the building, the flattened beer cans and wet oyster shells crunching under my tires, and through the big fan humming in the back wall I could hear the zydeco band pounding it out further uncensored thoughts at

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    3.5 stars In this 4th book in the Dave Robicheaux series, Detective Robicheaux goes undercover to take down a New Orleans drug lord Dave s personal life evolves through the series, as he ages, marries and remarries , raises his daughter, etc So some readers would probably prefer to read the series in order Still, the novels can be read as standalones because the mystery in each book is self contained At the beginning of the book, Detective Dave Robicheaux who works for the Sheriff s Office in New Iberia, Louisiana is transporting two convicted killers to death row The jailbirds are Jimmie Lee Boggs a sociopathic multiple murderer, and Tee Beau Latolais a hapless young man who claims he s innocent The transport goes wrong, Boggs gets hold of a gun, and the convicts get away after Dave is shot and his partner is killed Dave, who s recently widowed and raising his adopted daughter Alafair, recuperates for several months before going back to work However, the shooting preys on Dave s mind, and he vows to recapture Boggs So when the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA asks Dave to go undercover in New Orleans, to help take down a drug lord, the fact that Jimmie Lee Boggs has been spotted in The Big Easy is an added inducement to take the job.Posing as a disaffected former cop who plans to get rich by selling drugs, Dave makes the acquaintance of Tony Cardo a New Orleans gangster who runs a drug syndicate Tony is a mobbed up crook, but Dave has some empathy for the man because like Dave Tony is a Vietnam vet with deep psychic scars from the war Moreover, Tony is a solicitous father to his disabled little boy Still, it s Dave job to get Tony arrested, and he means to do just that It so happens that Dave s best friend, ex cop Clete Purcell, now runs a night club bar in New Orleans Clete wants to help with the sting operation, so Dave convinces the DEA to put Clete on the payroll, so he can help take Tony down Clete is a big, tough guy who eats too much, drinks too much, and gets involved with too many wrong women but he has a heart of gold where Dave and his family are concerned Once Dave s ensconced in New Orleans, he gets re acquainted with his former sweetheart Bootsie, whom he abruptly deserted several decades ago Since then, Dave went to war and became a fall down drunk Dave s now a recovering alcoholic, and finds himself falling in love with Bootsie all over again The Dave Bootsie romance is complicated by the fact that Bootsie doesn t know Dave is working undercover In addition, Tony Cardo s extra marital girlfriend, Kim Dollinger who has a lot of problems repeatedly comes to Dave for help..and possible hanky panky As Dave works with the DEA to get Tony arrested, he has to associate with rough gangbangers This places Dave in very dangerous situations..and threatens to make Alafair an orphan Dave also comes up against Jimmie Lee Boggs who s as murderous as ever On the upside, Dave gets to have delicious beignets and coffee at New Orleans Caf Du Monde a treat I ve enjoyed myself on occasion The story has a rich assemblage of characters, including Dave s colleagues and acquaintances including Tee Beau Latolais s grandmother Tony Cardo s bodyguards and underlings a collection of thugs and murderers and As always, the author does a superb job of capturing the ambiance of southern Louisiana with its mixed population of Acadians, whites, blacks, and others the swamps and bayous the spicy Cajun food, the jazz music recreational fishing, etc The reader almost feels like a visitor Unlike most of James Lee Burke s Dave Robicheaux stories, this is of a thriller than a mystery It s not my favorite book in the series, but I enjoyed it, and recommend it to mystery fans You can follow my reviews at

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    I am amazed at James Lee Burke s writing skills The books in the Dave Robicheaux series keep getting better No other author that I have read has shown such skill in portraying life in New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana When you read one of these books you can almost smell and taste New Orleans But the New Orleans in these stories are not ones that will appeal to tourists or families The characters in his stories are fascinating, complex, sometimes evil For those who are not familiar with Dave Robicheaux he is a Vietnam veteran, an alcoholic, twice married, an on and off again law enforcement officer, a small business man, a father to an adopted daughter, and one of the most complex characters in modern day fiction In this story Robicheaux has rejoined the New Iberia police force in order to pay off debts incurred during Heaven s Prisoners He and his partner are transporting a pair of prisoners to Angola when things go wrong His partner is killed, he is left for dead in a ditch, and the prisoners escape While recuperating from the physical wounds he is dealing with emotional wounds that are not as easily healed A friend from the DEA recruits him to go undercover believing this will help him and to stop the questioning of his abilities The plan a sting operation to nail local mob boss Tony Cardo a.k.a Tony C Robicheaux agrees when he finds out that Jimmie Lee Boggs, one of the prisoners he was transporting, is working for Tony This is a story with many plots and subplots Robicheaux finds himself drawn to Cardo and a girlfriend from his youth reenters his life It was interesting to see that Robicheaux developed a bond with Cardo The lines between good and evil are not always distinct I think it is Robicheaux s humanness when confronted with so much evil that makes him so compelling His apparent ability to retain this while dealing with his own demons and his compassion for others.

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    And I suppose that what I have learned is a lesson that the years, or self concern, had begun to hide from me, namely, that the bravest and most loyal and loving people in the world seldom have heroic physical characteristics or the aura of saints In fact, their faces are like those of people whom you might randomly pull out of a supermarket line, their physical makeup so nondescript and unremarkable that it s hard to remember what they look like ten minutes after they walk out of a room.I don t follow many ongoing series but Burke keeps pulling me back into this one with his writing I also like the fact that Burke never keeps Robicheaux in the same place career wise I m only four books in but this series still seems fresh.Dave is back with a law enforcement gig and has a very close brush with death that serves as the pivot for the rest of the story Dave doesn t like the way he handled himself in the situation and ends up working undercover with the DEA as a form of self reproach Burke uses this assignment to once again point out that very little in life is black and white So many shades of gray.Of course Clete shows up again but seems to have straightened himself out a bit Where are you Clete said At Tony s Can you talk, or do you want to call me back from somewhere else What is it Nate Baxter s in the bar I see He says he s here if you want to talk to him What s that supposed to mean You know Nate Always looking inside his pants to make sure of his gender Gotta love Clete.Even though I ve never been to Louisiana, Burke seems to be able to transport me there The sky was black, the windows fogged with humidity, and white veins of lightning pulsated in the bank of thunderheads out on the Gulf. The sun came up red and hot above the tree line in the east, and the fog that clung to the bottom of the coulee was as pink as blood diffused in water. I came out of the trees and drove through a wintergreen field that was filled with snowy egrets and blue herons feeding by a grassy pond Ahead I could see the coast, the palm fronds whipping in the wind, and the waves cresting and blowing out on Lake Borgne and the Gulf The air was cool and flecked with sunlight and smelled like salt and distant rain And I realized that in the west the sun had broken through the gray seal of clouds, and left a rip in the sky like a yellow and purple rose.What can I say I really enjoy his writing.

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    It s hard to imagine anyone writing crime mystery fiction that s better than James Lee Burke The prose is lyrical, the settings so are richly described that you can almost taste and smell New Orleans, and his characters are wonderfully complex As this one opens, Dave Robicheaux has taken a job with the sheriff s office to help pay off some heavy debts incurred in book 3 He s transporting prisoners Tee Beau and Boggs to death row when things go awry, the prisoners escape, and Dave is left for dead in a ditch As he recovers, he s approached by a colleague who offers him a role in a DEA sting operation to nail local mob boss Tony Cardo As he digs in, Boggs enters the scene once again, Dave becomes surprisingly close to Cardo, and his old high school girlfriend reenters his life, and Dave becomes quite conflicted as the sting operation proceeds The compelling thing about these novels is seeing things through the eyes of Robichaeux, and getting inside his head As a alcoholic and Viet Nam veteran, he has some heavy baggage He s tortured and conflicted, but despite his frequent self doubt, he s good at what he does, and is full of compassion and typically take the moral high ground Fascinating, very well written, and the reoccurring secondary characters are just as good as Robicheaux himself Interestingly, there is a certain amount of closure at the end of this one, and Burke could have easily stopped here But I know there there are quite a few books to follow I m very curious to see where this drama goes in the next book, and I hope this series never ends It s so good I can see myself re reading these novels.

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    Solider S dstaaten Krimi Detective Dave Robicheaux zeigt sich ganz als die genre typische Ermittlerfigur Ein in die Jahre gekommener, trockener Alkoholiker und Vietnam Veteran, der von den Geistern seiner Vergangenheit verfolgt wird Der Plot ist nicht besonders originell, eine Undercover Aktion im Drogenmilieu von New Orleans, sowie die Suche nach einem fl chtigen H ftling Zwar keine gro en berraschungen, aber die Szenerie Louisianas gibt der Story einen interessanten Hintergrund.

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    I had missed A Morning for Flamingos, one of the earlier books in Burke s Dave Robicheaux series, which is not surprise since I am never up in the morning Had it been An Evening, or even an afternoon, for Flamingos, I am confident that I would have read it earlier In any case, it was another marvelous effort from a superb author Burke uses the English language with skill far beyond that of most writers and he does so with the color and complexity of Louisiana s culture The cajun, acadian, Southern, French and backwater swamp elements combine with random scraps from here and there to form something unique in the world and Burke uses his considerable talent to draw the reader in and allow him or her to feel and taste that culture in all its splendor, simplicity, purity and depravity In the beginning of the book, Dave is shot by one of the prisoners that he and his incompetent partner are transporting to a dark place called Angola State Prison His recovery is long and tortuous which fills him with doubt and misgivings about his life and about life Then, unexpectedly, a chance to track down and bring in the evildoer who shot him appears Robicheaux has agreed to go undercover, for the DEA, as a failed cop turned bad by circumstances His task is to catch a major mafia boss in the course of a significant drug transaction an simple and easy ruse where, according to the DEA boss, nothing could possibly go wrong As you have already guessed, everything does go wrong or at least differently than was anticipated It was great fun to go back to an earlier point in Dave s career and get a sense for some of the events that formed the older Robicheaux In fact, there are a couple other early books in the series that I will eventually read Since Burke is older than dirt, and me, for that matter, who knows how many additional Robicheaux books will be forthcoming Not being one of those people whose reviews are long as the book being reviewed, let me wrap this up here The book can easily be read as a stand alone novel but knowing a bit about Robicheaux helps one appreciate many of the nuances In any case, it is a damn fine story that I unreservedly recommend to anyone who enjoys an extremely well written thriller.

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    Steadily, belatedly working my way through the Dave Robicheaux series and kind of kicking myself that I read one of later ones out of order bottom line I much prefer Burke s recent newer books, even if they re longer , having completed the much shorter Hackberrry Holland series.This one wasn t my favorite, and, after a strong start, I thought the setup lagged and seemed a bit far fetched , but it all worked out OK, and many of my frustrations were overcome by a lengthy and gratifying and I can imagine for some, too quaint convenient epilogue But I read it quickly, disinclined to put it down, which tells me that I enjoyed it maybe than I thought at the time.For dark, violent, even Western or Southeastern noir, I really enjoy Burke As serial crime fiction goes, I find it far literary and significantly cerebral than, say, Jack Reacher, which is far better for travel and jet lagged diminished concentration , or even Gabriel Allon, which offers of the European travel and international intrigue angles Part of me wants to analogize Burke to the much younger, Irish, and at this point, less prolific Tana French, but that s not quite right My sense is that Nesbo s Harry Hole, which I really enjoy, is momentum based, and well anyway, I shouldn t generalize about serial fiction since the two longest series I previously consumed were Terry Pratchett s unique in a category by itself sui generis Discworld and Patrick O Brian s splendid historical British Navy wooden ship epic Aubrey Maturin run But, the I think about it, I read a lot of serial sci fi and fantasy it is what it is so I ll end this digression where I started Burke writes beautifully, and his languid pacing filled with introspection and observation and memory and longing is a nice platform for a reader pleasing vocabulary and voice.At the pace I m going, it ll take me ages to march through Dave Robicheaux s story arc, but I don t see myself giving up any time soon although I am tempted to sample Billy Bob Holland s saga, so we ll have to see.

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    The Dave Robicheaux is improving with each book and I am now looking forward to the next In this one a routine transfer of prisoners goes wrong, his partner is killed and Dave is badly injured This leads to an undercover narcotics sting and life threatening action for Dave and his old partner Cletus Purcell The action does not go as planned but the action is fast and furious, with fine descriptions that might have you sipping a cocktail on the veranda or fishing in the gulf I still struggle with some of the slang terms Perhaps there is an opening for a glossary of terms