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Princess Bea Isn T Like Other Princesses She Prefers Pirate Ships Above Tea Parties, The Salty Sea Over Silly Dolls But What S A Landlocked Princess To Do Ahoy, Captain Jack To The Rescue When The Captain Offers Bea A Place Aboard His Ship, It S A Dream Come True Until She S Put To Work Swabbing The Decks And Making Dinner For The Crew Can A Princess Like Bea Put Her Royal Gifts To Work And Make The Pirates See That She S Seaworthy After All Or Will They Make Her Walk The Plank Pirate Princess Is A Raucous Tale Of Girl Power On The High Seas, From Author Sudipta Bardhan Quallen And Illustrator Jill McElmurry

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    Bored with her royal life, the unconventional Princess Bea signs on as a pirate on Captain Jack s ship, only to discover that her skills, from swabbing the deck to cooking the food, are somewhat lacking Just as she is being made to walk the plank however, she smells gold, leading her pirate crew to buried treasureI wish that I had enjoyed Pirate Princess than I did, as I frequently get requests at work for princess stories that challenge the conventional girly theme Unfortunately, although I did think that illustrator Jill McElmurry s illustrations were cute, both the story and the text itself fell short Author Sudipta Bardhan Quallen s rhyming verse is frequently quite awkward, and her story line, in which Bea makes a place for herself, not through hard work but through her gold sensitive nose, somehow felt like an unpleasant rehash of Andersen s The Princess and the Pea I would have preferred something a little girls can do than this, if the point was to offer a princess pirate mash up In any case, tastes vary, so if you re in the market for a girl pirate story, this might fill the bill, although I d advise the prospective reader to read it through first, to see if it fills their needs.

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    I opened up this princess tale And sighed a thousand times It s sad but true I do not needANOTHER book that rhymes.

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    This book seemed to promise a challenge to gender stereotypes, and I was excited at the idea of having a strong girl book for my next story time I was disappointed The story follows a Princess who really wants to be a pirate So far, so good But when the girl joins up with a band of buccaneers, she finds herself forced to do typical women s work Does she rebel Does she overcome her situation through cleverness and moxie Nope She simply proves inept Her final victory, and what wins the crew over, is that as a rich girl she has a nose for treasure Ugh This ain t Princess Smartypants on the high seas, I m sorry to say.

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    Cute rhyming, but I was just really unimpressed with the story of Princess Bea, who longs to be a pirate but isn t quite skilled enough I couldn t help but wonder what happened to her family back home

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    I thought this might be a cute, pirate children s book geared towards little girls and well, I was half right It was a pirate book but I didn t think it was cute by the time I was finished This book was exhausting as I felt it went on and on and on with its rhyming I think the novel would have worked better for me had parts of the book been written in rhyme and other parts written in regular text The rhyming felt forced after a while and I just didn t care if Princess Bea got to be a pirate or not.Princess Bea is not your typical princess She doesn t dress fancy nor is she waiting for a prince to whisk her Princess Bea wants the adventurous life of a pirate She realizes she needs a pirate s crew to be a pirate and one day, she spots a pirate ship while walking and she jumps onboard She ll do anything to stay on ship, so the captain gives her some jobs which, she is not successful at Princess Bea doesn t complain about the tasks nor at how she can t be productive because she s happy to be on the ship The captain has finally had enough and he makes Princess Bea walk the plank for all the trouble that she is creating But wait, Princess Bea notices something and this just might be what saves her There were a few things that I didn t like about this children s book besides all the rhyming I was surprised at all the difficult words that were inside it, words like brocade, curtsied, Avast, swarthy, wench, and keen Some children might know understand these words and some might not This is something to consider I also wasn t too thrilled when Princess Bea s heave hoed into the ocean Between those words and the illustrations that followed, it was a bit too much for me I did like Princess Bea s determination about being a pirate, for she makes a good role model I liked the illustrations of the crew both males and females It was funny watching the cats in the illustrations too, for them seemed to be getting in on the book s action.

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    wow, tough crowd, goodreads readers my kids LOVE this book mommy, can we read the pirate princess they clamor at bedtime.even dada likes the charming tale of princess bea who sucks at the traditional female spheres of cooking and cleaning and not throwing up on a ship but who excels at one key aspect of piracy treasure s quick, cute, and nicely illustrated.a better message than pinkalicious s bratty i got very upset , too.

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    Why are we still romanticizing piracy Pirates are criminals violent robbers, sometimes killers I just don t get the appeal A princess wants to be a PIRATE And she has no skills at typical women s work like cleaning and cooking..which is all the pirates think she is good for I always like a picture book written in rhyming verse, they are fun for read alouds, but that is all this book has going for it.

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    Princess Bea dreams about being a pirate, but when she finally gets to the sea she learns that being a pirate is a lot of work.Why I started it Ran across it in the library.Why I finished it I liked the fact that piracy wasn t all fun and games, there were chores and consequences Fun rhymes.

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    The rhymes were a little much using words like avast, swarthy, and displeasure Normally, I like to pause and define a word here and there for the kids, but there s too many in this book and the rhythm is such that it would really detract from the story I love the idea of a princess giving up the cushy princess life to pursue her dreams, but this might be a bit too convoluted for my preschool story time I ll use it if I can t find anything betterbut there s sure to be better stuff out there.