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The Jolley Rogers Have Traded In The High Seas For Suburban LifeMeet The Jolley Rogers A Pirate Family Who Is Moving To Dull On Sea, A Quiet Seaside Town, While They Fix Up Their Ship This Unusual Family Soon Has The Whole Neighborhood Gossiping Defying The Grown Ups, Matilda Becomes Friends With Young Pirate Jim Lad When The JolleyRogers Return To Sea, The Town Realizes That They Were Wrong To Assume The Worst When It Is Discovered That The Pirates Have Buried Treasure In Everyone S Yard The Neighbors Are Thrilled, But Matilda Is Sad To Have Lost Her New Friend, Until She Discovers Her Own Treasure A Pen Pal The Pirates Next Door Starring the Jolly Rogers Matilda lives in Dull on Sea and life couldn t beboring One day the Jolly Rogers pirate family have to come ashore and they move into the house next door Matilda is ecstatic as the family have a pirate boy her age For Matilda life couldn t beexciting However, all of the residents of Dull on Sea couldn t think of anything worse They spend the whole time gossiping about how badly dressed and smelly the Jolly Rogers are and think of ways to get rid of them Once the Jolly Rogers have repaired their boat they go back out to sea, much to the delight of the snooty residents However, the morning after everyone finds an X in their back gardens and realise that the Jolly Rogers had in fact left everyone a lovely surprise In a turn of events, the residents now have nothing but good words to say about the pirate family Matilda also receives an invitation aboard the ship during the school holidays from her new pirate friend.This book is fantastic The language creates a lot of humour and encourages you to use your best pirate voice It is a charming book about how people can overcome their differences There is also a moral to the story of never to judge a book by it s cover.I would recommend this book to a year 2 class in terms of being able to understand the language and concepts used The book would still however provide adequate challenge for this age group.This book could be used to inspire creative writing The children could be encouraged to use their imaginations to write their own story about who might move in next door to them and the effect that this would have on their neighbours I highly recommend The Pirates Next Door It s an incredibly funny book and is amazingly illustrated by the author himself 3,5 lskade illustrationerna The Pirates Next Door Starring the Jolly Rogers is an utterly brilliant read The story begins when a character named Matilda or Tilda as she is fondly known, is introduced She lives with her parents in the quiet seaside resort of Dull On Sea It is clear from the name that it s not the most exciting place to live However, when the Jolly Rogers appear the town becomes alive but perhaps not for the right reasons A huge pirate ship appears in someone s front garden and they introduce themselves and their short term plans, We re the Jolly Rogers We ll be anchored next door We ve sailed the seven seas but now we ve had to come ashore Tilda wastes no time and soon becomes great friends with the pirate s eldest son, Jim Lad Her parents aren t too happy about this along with many other residents in the local community They often complain about the pirates dress sense, personal hygiene and behaviour and worry about the negative influence this may have on their daughter Perhaps this is because the Jolly Rogers family don t fit the norm of the rest of the residents Tilda thrives off these differences and is drawn to Jim Lad and his wooden legged dog Whilst their pirate ship is under repair, Jim Lad attends the local school and behaves in many mischievous ways This behaviour continues outside of school and causes uproar with the neighbours Mrs Bevan from number eighty seven decides to begin a petition to ask the pirates to kindly vacate the town However, the Jolly Rodgers had no intentions of staying too long in the first place, they simply needed to stop off to repair their ship Tilda is very sad to see them all depart, however they leave an exciting array of gifts behind It s only a matter of time before the residents of Dull On Sea discover that they weren t so bad after all I think this is a great book and is suitable for years 1 3 in school The illustrations are brilliant, exciting and add to the amusing nature of the story It s great to read aloud to a class of children and practicing pirate accents are a must Rhyme is featured throughout the book which is an additional feature that makes it perfect to read aloud The book could be great inspiration for a literacy lesson as children could create their own pirate themed stories It may further be used during a carpet time session to discuss the features of friendship and negative stereotyping This could then be incorporated into a PSHE session about relationships, friendships and the wider community Within the younger years this could be approached during a circle time session Additionally, I think it is a great bedtime read between a parent carer and a child Due to the theme of the book I think it s a fun way to encourage engagement in role play at home Even the adults can get involved Everyone finds dressing up good fun, especially when children are involved I think it is such an enjoyable and amusing adventure to read to children and I wouldthan happily include it on my classroom bookshelf For the earlier years it would most definitely be in the book corner. The Pirates Next Door is a great book to read to children The story line follows a family of pirates who move to Dull on Sea, this should give you an idea of where the storyline is heading All the families moan and groan about having pirates next door except for one girl called Matilda She becomes great friends with them The story is written using rhymes and show how the other residents do not like them because they moan and groan even though they have not meet them yet Matilda is having a great time with the family because they are friendly, fun and tell great stories Then one day Matilda wakes up to find the family has gone and she did not have time to say goodbye But the Pirates next door left a treasure map and Matilda finds treasure But the Pirates leave a treasure map for all the residents What makes this story good is that the story line is easy to follow and the rhyming makes it easier It also allows a teacher to practice their pirates voices though mine still needs practice It is a great book for story time because it covers a number of important topics Be kind to everyone as you never know that might leave you something or could actually be a great friend How to be a good friend and polite to neighbours Do not judge someone till you get to know them It was a great book to read to KS1 pupils because they loved the story and pictures but they could also explain what the story was about and the important lessons to learn. Matilda lives in Dull On Sea There aren t many children to play with and she wishes for a new neighbour to be her playmate Tilda gets her wish in the form of Jim Lad a Pirate boy Jim and his family move their pirate ship next door and do all the things that pirates like to do The folks on the street are not so happy about this and want them out Jim comes in to troubles at school too when he learns that his ways are not looked upon too fondly Eventually Mrs Bevan from eighty seven takes a petition and the pirates leave The pirates are quite used to new neighbours attitudes and have a plan They leave everyone something special buried under an X in their gardens Everyone is so happy with the treasures that they forget all about the things they didn t like about the pirates and want to be friends with them Tilda still gets to go on the ship with Jim every now and then too, in school holidays mind This book is great for Key stage 1 and 2 It uses lots of lovely rhyme and makes the story feel extra exciting as we follow the pirates journey in their new home It would be good to use in literacy when discussing rhymes It also has a clear structure, and I feel it would be useful in work on beginning, middle and end in literature This book would also be good for use in PSHE The children could consider questions such as How might Jim and the pirates of felt when the neighbours wanted them to leave and Why did the neighbours not like the pirates It could easily open a doorway to lovely dialogue around tolerance and appreciating differences in those around us. Ein lustiges Bilderbuch,in dem es um Piraten geht die in das Nebenhaus eines kleinen M dchens ziehen.Leider sind sie etwas skeptisch was die Piraten betrifft.Tja,mal sind sie zu laut,klauen Sonne und so weiter.Das kleine M dchen ist die einzige die die Piraten sogar mag.Doch irgendwann muss sie bemerken das ihr Freund wieder auf See stechen muss.Ich finde es echt toll weil es mit viel liebe zum Detail gezeichnet ist.Auch wenn es ein Buch f r kleinere ist,man muss es lieben Adorable rhyming book with gorgeous illustrations met my Read Harder Challenge to read aloud, by reading this favorite story picked out my best friend s little boy who turns 4 tomorrow. In The Pirates Next Door , there is a small community on in wich has very few children, or people under the age of 62 Except for Matilda s family Matilda s neighboring house has been for sale since she was a baby, until the Jolly Rodgers move in The whole town gossips about the Jolly Rodgers and even goes as far as trying to petition the Town Hall to evict them All the while Matilda is having such a blast with Jim the boy pirate who s Matilda s age I really enjoyed this book I though that it was a great book with a great story as well as a good theme moral I love how it rhymed and that it helped me to start better understand comic reading I also loved that it is really good at teaching children that other people will have different opinions about others, but you can form your own opinions still, without judgement.I think that The Pirates Next Door is Person against society, because throughout the book pretty much the whole town is ganging up against the Jolly Rodgers, gossiping to each others families about they did this and they did that I think that the style of the book is perfect for the story I think it works perfectly because the different panels of comics can each tell the story at different places at one time By this I mean it can show you manyconversations between the towns people talking about the pirates It gives the storyperspectives.During the story the character s facial expressions tell a lot In the beginning of the book everyone was gawking at the pirates and looking at them in a concerned but disgusted way At the same time you can see how Matilda changes throughout the book as she grows her friendship with Jim The speech bubbles are pretty general throughout the story, they just have longer bubble tails to show whomever it is that is speaking. The Pirates Next Door is a very cute tale about a lonely girl who lived in a small town where nothing ever happened, that is until a family of pirates moved in next door This little town was filled with your typical small town neighbors the old gentleman next door, the women gossips that live down the road, and the typical overbearing mother s who don t let anyone new come near their children This new family fit in about as well as anyone would think they would under the circumstances needless to say, they stuck out like a sore thumb, and they knew they were not welcome with every step they took The only one who took a liking to this family was the little girl that lived next door Will this town come around to this new family Will they change and make them feel welcome I recommend this book to be read to small children, the audience that it was intended for, for it will show them the truth behind don t judge a book by it s cover There is a greater moral here in this story.