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Internal Pressures, Enormous Military Expenditures, And The Destruction Of Their Primary Energy Source Have Brought The Klingon Empire To The Verge Of Catastrophic Collapse To Avert Disaster, Gorkon, Chancellor Of The Klingon High Council, Proposes Negotiations Between The Federation And Klingon Empire, Negotiations That Will Put An End To The Years Of Hostility Between The Two Powers, And Herald A New Era Of Peace And Cooperation Captain James T Kirk And The USS EnterpriseTM Are Dispatched To Escort The Chancellor Safely Into Federation Space But A Treacherous Assassination Brings Negotiations To A Sudden Halt And Places Kirk And Dr McCoy In The Hands Of The Federation S Greatest Enemy With Time Running Out, Spock And The Enterprise Crew Work To Uncover The Deadly Secret That Threatens To Propel The Galaxy Into The Most Destructive Conflict It Has Ever Known Turns into Science Fiction for reals..I m now on a quest to read the novelizations through Nemesis at least I ve always liked these because the author has the liberty to fill in the cracks, provide motivations and even add details not in the movie I ve got the movie at least in my head for the visuals, but the characters and story are better served by putting it in print For me, the general rule the book was better, applies not ONLY for book into movie, but movie into book Thanks, Ms Dillard This novelization did some things better than the movie, some things not as good as the movie Taken together, they sort of balance themselves out The Carol Marcus Kudao Themis backstories helped make the crew s bitterness and bigotry make sense than in the movie, where it seemed out of character An interesting read, if you ve seen the movie and enjoyed it. Wow, this was a really good adaptation of the movie Added some extra information, a few extra scenes Was a rollicking good read. There s some interesting depth added to the story that explores the apparent surge in Kirk s animosity for Klingons, his relationship with Carol Marcus as well as the loss of David in Search for Spock It also feels like much of a continuation from Star Trek 5, where the movies felt standalone.