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[Audible] Midnight Pearls: A Retelling of "The Little Mermaid"(Once Upon a Time)Author Debbie Viguié –

She came from the sea.. A retelling of The Little Mermaid Started out promising and then dissolved into Insta love between characters that didn t and still don t know each other at all, bland storytelling, and a completely anti climatic end to the struggle between Pearl and the Sea Witch that took all of, if I was lucky, 3 pages Arrrrrgggh James So there s this girl And I really like her I think I ll propose.Pearl So there s this guy He s the prince We re besties I d marry that.James falls into the ocean James already forgot Pearl Woah That is one hot random mermaid So pretty Marry me, babe Faye Holla You can bet all your money, hot rich prince, that I will Audience What about Pearl Pearl sniffles two seconds later Kale Italian accent Hello, beautiful I am your betrothed Our engagement is long standing Since your birth, in fact But I knew, even then, that you were my true love.Pearl Sounds legit kissy faces all around Pearl Kale, baby I got to go defeat the Sea Witch so that Faye can live, kay It ll take me like, Idk, 3 seconds Faye choking Sea Witch You ll never defe defeated Pearl stops for a smoothie Pearl Hey, babe What did I tell you You didn t even notice I was gone, I was that quick THE END.So that was that.But seriously When Kale shows up out of nowhere and immediately proclaims his love for Pearl, who was betrothed to him at birth and disappeared from the mer world at age four 4 , I just wanted to scream And when they kiss after approximately 1.5 pages of meeting each other, I wanted to rip the book in two When Faye saves, falls into Insta love, kisses James and he completely forgets about Pearl, his life long friend, that he was going to propose to, darn it all to heck, and he falls into Insta love, I just about exploded When the showdown took all of ten seconds and little to no effort on Pearl s part, I was just happy it was over Unsatisfactory Not recommended. I am a big fan of the retold fairy tale, so I was happy to find this series of familiar tales and fables rewritten for teens I just finished this one yesterday, and I enjoyed it Finneas is out fishing one night when a terrible storm blows up Just when he is ready to give up and surrender to the sea, he spots a child floating in the ocean He rescues the girl and together with his wife, they raise the girl as their own They name her Pearl It s a promising beginning, and I did enjoy the book It s not really anything unique, pretty much a classic tale All the regulars from the original story are there the handsome prince, the Sea Witch but there are a few twists I read it in a day, a quick fun story.If you like this genre, I can recommend some titles from the Once Upon a Time series Overall, the writing is uneven Some of the stories are really well done My favorites are The Storyteller s Daughter 1001 Nights , Sunshine and Shadow The Magic Flute , and Golden Rapunzel Before Midnight, based on Cinderella, is my very favorite But there are a few I just couldn t read, one based on Little Red Riding Hood that has her falling in love with the wolf, and some one I can t remember set in France during World War I I got this one at the library. Very loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen s fairy tale The Little Mermaid, Midnight Pearls is the story of a girl found on a beach, taken in by a fisherman and his wife and claimed as their own Truly a fish out of water, pale skinned Pearl with her powers of premonition has few friends, except for Prince James, with whom she developed a friendship as a young girl Just when she thinks they will marry, mermaid Faye who has sold her voice to the sea witch for the chance to go ashore and rescue Pearl, who is her brother s intended shows up and steals the Prince s heart.Following the same formula as in another book in this series, readers are led to believe that romance is brewing, when in fact, the boy who is closest to the girl turns out to be merely a brotherly figure, and true love strikes fast and furious with someone else It worked in Tracy Lynn s Snow Simon Schuster, 2002 , it doesn t work so well here, perhaps because of the introduction of a third party Robert, who wants to destroy Prince James s kingdom Other problems include lack of character development, uneven pacing, and overly dramatic dialogue.Save your money, and for lush, complex fairy tale retellings, try Donna Jo Napoli or Robin McKinley. She looked back upon her life and saw how every step had led her here Where had it all gone wrong What could she have changed She closed her eyes again and prayed for deathIf only that book had been as awesome as that first line.OK, OK, I ll admit it this wasn t as bad as Before Midnight, but that still ain t saying much Because instead of being bad, it was just sheer corniness.Pearl has always been different from others in her village Found at sea by a kindly fisherman and adopted by him and his wife, her pale hair and even paler skin have made her somewhat of a social outcast Her only friend in the world is James, who has his own secrets he s a prince, and his father is the king And unlike what his father expects of him, he does not want to be kingJames was her best friend, her only friend She had known him since they were both children, and he was the only one who had never treated her differently because of the way she looked Perhaps it was because he, too, knew what it was like to be treated differently, to have people whisper and stare, and he disliked it as much as she didThey spend their days together by the shore where they always talk but never get in, since Pearl hates the water And yet it s when she accidentally falls into the sea that her life begins to change.Borrowing from the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale than the well known Disney movie of the same name, this cheese fest of a book seems designed for tweenage girls drooling over the pre teenage version of Justin Beiber than older readers who may have read well crafted fairy tale retellings This is probably why, admittedly, I liked this series when I first encountered around 11 or 12 years old For starters, the instalove in this book is ridiculous If you hate instalove, run not walk the other direction Exit stage left Retreat immediately.This seems to happen every time I encounter a book with this trope, but for some reason it just seems to get worse and worse each time To avoid an arranged marriage between himself and another princess, James wants to marry Pearl That I can kind of understand But then she falls into the water and is rescued by a mermaid and well you can probably guess the rest of the plot, considering what the book is based on Pearl s a magical mermaid princess who was lost in an ocean storm Two other mermaids, Kale like the salad, for cripes sake and Faye, find her, only to realize her true identity And what do you think happens soon after they meetShe had known Kale less than an hour and he had kissed her She couldn t believe he had the audacity Worse still, she couldn t believe she had let him Why, then, had time seemed to stand to stand still when he d kissed her And why had she find herself holding her breath when she thought about itLet me answer those questions for you, toots.1 You kissed him because you re in a YA fairytale retelling romance and you re contractually obligated to kiss the first hot male specimen you find Doesn t matter you ve known him less than an hour, it s part of the predetermined plot.2 Of COURSE you let him It s true fictional love You re contractually obligated to do that also3 It is physically impossible for time to stand still So he s either a lost mermaid from Hogwart s moat, or you ve been taking hallucinogenic drugs.4 IF YOU KEEP HOLDING YOU RE BREATH WHILE THINKING ABOUT IT, YOU WON T BE HERE LONG ENOUGH TO PONDER ABOUT IT, YOU WANKER.Second of all, the romance and dialogue were so cheesy I expected a full plate of mac and cheese to show up right in front of me If this was a Hollywood script being made into a movie, I can t tell you how an actor would make it through these lines without being in stitches If anything, read this book for that.Third, WE GET NO SEA WITCH She shows up at the end of the novel for literally five pages, with no dialogue And she doesn t even get impaled by a trident Pouts I was looking forward to that, dammit Don t tell me that scene didn t scare the crap out of you as a kid If you re looking for some shits and giggles to read about, read this book Or better yet, read the entire Once Upon a Time series I can t tell you what I liked about it when I was a preteen, but whatever they were using to market us these books at the time worked like a miracle, because I ate it up Now, there s a certain stink of embarrassment that won t go away as I revisit these books Unrecommended, especially for those wanting an epic sea witch battle. During a storm, a fisherman pulls up a little girl in his net instead of fish She s odd, with too long legs, nearly translucent skin, and white hair And as she grows, her oddities don t fade but the prince doesn t seem to mind I had high hopes for this one, thinking that perhaps the author would return to the original roots of the Little Mermaid fairy tale But she didn t, and what she did give readers was clunky and awkward Instead of showing, she d tell a couple paragraph infodump informing readers that only mermaids get premonitions, not mermen, or other equally as uninteresting and useless information There s a lot going on in 200 pages, but none of it is explored fully There s the evil uncle, the forced marriage, the I ll never fit in , the You re really a princess, you just have to remember who you are , and of course, the sudden remembering and subsequent piece of magic so that she can turn everything all right just in the nick of time It s not that I mind things being neatly wrapped up, but this was just too neat, too perfect Unless you re doing a research project on the different variations of the Little Mermaid story, don t bother with this one. So, the prologue was fantastic And then the story actually beganI can sum up the plot of the entire book with one gif.That was pretty much it The two main characters that the summary on the back makes you want to ship meet two other characters and fall in love with them for no apparent reason I would like to start by saying that Disney s Little Mermaid is my favorite disney movie of all time That being said too many spoilers ahead to put it in brackets read at your own risk I ll start with characters Pearl is the main character I think who really knows by the end I don t think it s spoiling much to say that she s a mermaid who doesn t know she s a mermaid because she grew up human after something happened to her when she was 4 yrs old She is very honest and trusting, though gets bad feelings and bad dreams a lot James is her best friend and the prince of the land Kale and Faye are two merfolk who have been looking for mermaid Pearl since she disappeared years before Kale is loyal and Faye is free spirited and a careless , but that may be personal bias talking That is all the characterization you get throughout the entire book I want to cry.As for plotThis book clearly is not a modern fairytale It is set in the undefined past I think the term that modern folk would give this book, based on the handling of love and marriage, would be medieval So as someone with a B.A degree in History, I was quite insulted because there is no time in history EVER when people took marriage as such a frivolous thing, and flung the word love around with as little respect for its meaning as in this book Not even DISNEY as some people claim is this bad about that To be fair to James, his line I will marry the girl who saved me, comes almost directly from Disney s Prince Eric s mouth But let us compare James and Eric, shall we They are both princes who are under serious pressure to get married They both have looked for a wife upon their parents insistence and didn t like what they saw However, James s best friend is a beautiful girl Pearl , albeit peasant, while Eric s best friend is a dog Do we see the differences in their situations here I would be very insulted if I were Pearl at James s assumption that he has no options Eric, on the other hand, actually has no other options So when each prince is miraculously saved by a beautiful girl, I don t think it is that much of a stretch for Eric to say I will marry the girl who saved me, while James is saying those very words to his super hot female best friend whom he was about to propose to minutes before All I wanted to do was slap James across the face And that is only the beginning of the shallowness Then we have Faye, the mermaid who is the one who MADE THEIR BOAT SINK in the first place, who is suddenly love struck after seeing this guy for literally five seconds To be fair to Faye, Ariel fell for Eric while watching him on his ship after only a few moments To be fair to Ariel, she picked Eric out of a crowd of men, watched him interact with people, and then fell for him He wasn t just sitting in an intimate boat talking to ANOTHER WOMAN Also Ariel did not cause Eric to nearly drown, while Faye did in fact puncture the hole in James s boat Ariel also did not kiss Eric before actually speaking to him I m looking at you, Faye She is a silly little love struck puppy for no apparent reason, and then kisses a guy she almost caused to drown while the waves lap at their feet tail UGH The characters are just silly Pearl is the only one who I wouldn t call silly, but the plot lacked so much substance that her choices just seem ridiculous The author wants us to want her to be with Kale but there is nothing to their relationship The same goes with Faye and James Faye saves him and that s the basis of the whole thing At least Eric and Ariel spent time together Good quality time in which she legitimately made him laugh for the first time in a long time, hurtled his carriage over a cliff safely, and had a wonderfully romantic boat ride in the lagoon together This book shows NO interaction between Pearl Kale and James Faye except when they are info dumping about the mystery of the novel and shouting their love for each other I can t get over this.The story had so much potential it kills me The prologue was amazing, and the plot idea was really good too unique and fresh for a retelling of this classic But there was nothing to the story They met, they fell in love at first sight, there may have been a few evil plots all over the place that were resolved in a page and then they lived happily ever after with the person they didn t know at all.The End I was disappointed with this retelling I think, first off, that it was too short Some stuff happened so fast I kind of sat there staring at the pages thinking Wow, that was a lot of new info way too fast And secondly, this book seemed to have nothing to do with real love Pearl and the prince seemed just right for each other, and all of a sudden he sees a pretty mermaid and falls head over heels in love with her, even though he didn t even hear her speak once He takes one look at her and dumps Pearl, just like that And then Pearl turns around and does the same thing He was like I love you Pearl, if I have to get married I ll marry you, HEY Mermaid girl who I know nothing about saved my life forget you bye They both seemed to have some sort of relationship ADD. ONCE UPON A TIME IS TIMELESSIn A Quiet Fishing Village Seventeen Years Ago, One Lone Fisherman Rescued A Child From The Sea He And His Wife Raised The Girl, Pearl, As Their Own Daughter, Never Allowing Themselves To Wonder Long About Where She Came From Or Notice Her Silver Hair, Usually Pale Skin, And Wide, Dark Blue EyesPearl Grows From A Mysterious Child Into An Unusual Young Woman, Not Always Welcomed In The Village As All The Other Girls Her Age Find Husbands, She Has Only One Friend To Ease Her Loneliness One Very Special, Secret Companion Prince JamesBut Their Friendship Is Shaken When Trouble Erupts In The Kingdom A Conspiracy Against The Royal Family Combines With An Evil Enchantment From Beneath The Sea Now, Just When Pearl And James Need Each Other Most, Bewitching Magic And Hints About Pearl S Past Threaten To Tear Them Apartforever his fucking name is KALE Peal was discovered by a fisherman in the ocean on the day of a huge storm She was about four years old, naked as a bluejay and clutching a large, dark pearl The fisherman and his wife raised her like their own for they had been praying for a child Many years later Pearl is all grown up She still has long, ungainly legs pale translucent skin, silvery hair and won t eat fish She stares and stares at the sea but never goes in because she has nightmares about a pair of dark eyes watching her in the water and the memory of words that the ocean would kill her Pearl s best friend is James and he just happens to be a prince We learn that they ve been friends since childhood and that they meet on a regular basis It is also hinted that they have started to have feelings for each other Both discover that their parents expect them to marry soon, and each begins to regard the other as a possible choice for that marriage Prince James even tries to propose though he is interrupted It s not until that point, almost halfway through the book that two new characters enter the scene These two, we realize, are the real love interests for the two main characters This is the clumsy story telling At this point, I m already attached to the two main characters as a couple Everything has hinted that they love each other, that they re meant for each other So, as a reader, when new love interests suddenly pop up halfway through the story, I view them as intruders and immediately dislike them I don t sympathize with them or cheer for their success Their story seemed to come out of nowhere and blindsided me, and the love at first sight that develops with the two new characters is unconvincing in contrast to the two main characters, who seem to have the sort of love that sometimes blossoms from friendship that is also seen in a lot of fairy tales Even though I know how the story would turn out, I still held out hope that somehow these new characters would go away and that Pearl and James would end up together I thought the author could have handled that aspect of the story gracefully perhaps by introducing the two love interests and their part in the plot earlier on in the book so it seemed natural when they do meet the main characters A minor, but rather baffling detail is the mention that the Sea Witch is a dryad , described as a mermaid with a long serpent s tail Dryads are Grecian tree spirits wood nymphs to be exact why would they be at the bottom of the ocean The Once Upon a Time books are guilty pleasures beautifully designed and quick and easy to read But Midnight Pearls stretches credibility too far, and therefore saps away the enjoyment I might have had as a result More of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title Midnight Pearls A Retelling of The Little Mermaid Author Debbie Vigui Reviewed By Purplycookie