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RevengeWhen Eugenides, The Thief Of Eddis, Stole Hamiathes S Gift, The Queen Of Attolia Lost Than A Mythical Relic She Lost Face Everyone Knew That Eugenides Had Outwitted And Escaped Her To Restore Her Reputation And Reassert Her Power, The Queen Of Attolia Will Go To Any Length And Accept Any Help That Is Offeredshe Will Risk Her Country To Execute The Perfect Revenge ButEugenides Can Steal Anything And He Taunts The Queen Of Attolia, Moving Through Her Strongholds Seemingly At Will So Attolia Waits, Secure In The Knowledge That The Thief Will Slip, That He Will Haunt Her Palace One Too Many Timesat What Price When Eugenides Finds His Small Mountain Country At War With Attolia, He Must Steal A Man, He Must Steal A Queen, He Must Steal Peace But His Greatest Triumph, And His Greatest Loss, Comes In Capturing Something That The Queen Of Attolia Thought She Had Sacrificed Long Ago Edited with my favorite SPOILERISH quotes hidden behind a spoiler tag, because I m not a monster 4.5 stars, rounded up becausewell, if you must know, because Eugenides Hellooo, name s Anna, I just finished The Queen of Attolia and my mind is utterly blank I d say I m speechless, but everyone knows that I always confuse talking with breathing so nope, not happening However I am genuinely sorry but I don t think I ll be able or even want to put my thoughts into words this time First because there are many outstanding reviews out there already, given that I m late to the Gen is awesome party the second and perhaps the most important reason would be that I want to warn you, yes, YOU THERE, you who haven t read this series yet, and who wander oblivious, unaware of the merits of this little gem, you, I strongly advise you to stay clear from any review and savor these novels blind she says, after providing links to other reviews the irony is not lost on me XD Trust me, the experience will be better why am I under the impression that I m some sort of dungeon mistress here, that I do not know If you really need a littleincentive, trust this The Queen of Attolia is splendidly plotted, its word is inhabited by characters you will adore and want to protect under fire when you won t be strangling them, but , including strong women yes PLURAL , a poisonous snake I KNEW HE WAS A SLYTHERIN COME HOME GEN BABY and a minister of war who doesn t know that he s hilarious to me , the writing well do tell, what can I say about a writing so compelling that I ve read the damn book in a few hours, barely stopping to eat Huh Now if you would excuse me, I might forget to look at my watch 3 55am, dammit and maybe start The King of Attolia, because if you should know something about me, it s this my restraint is so thin, I wouldn t see its threads if I looked at them in full light, and I m not one bit ashamed My favorites quoteslike scenes are full of BIG spoilers, so don t look at them if you haven t read the book, but aw damn, I love these characters so much 3 view spoilerBending over Eugenides, she grabbed his head by the hair above his forehead and twisted Eugenides s eyes opened, and his feet trashed in panic Looking up at her, with her face filling his field of vision, he stopped moving as if suddenly paralized Goatfoot, she said, do you understand what is going to happen to youI guessed at this moment that she was wearing his earrings, and I was not so discreetly cheering like a maniac XDAttolia snapped, You have any mistresses and I ll cut your other hand off Besides her, Eddis stiffened Attolia raised her chin to meet the look that her seneschal had said would melt lead Eddis opened her mouth, but before she could put her thoughts into words, Eugenides laughed Laughing, he dropped his head onto the bed then he looked up to grin at Attolia.She looked back at him, and her cheeks flushed She said, with sincerity, You are a poisonous little snakeEeeeeeps I defy you to not smile at this part 3I did that next She said there would be a hunting party leaving this morning perhaps I d like to join And Eddis asked, looking at his arm He hadn t ridden well enough to hunt on horseback even before losing his hand I told her I d already been hunted in Attolia, thank you very much Oh, Gen, sighed EddisBAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU GENNooo, he said, and he looked over at her In his eyes Eddis saw a hint of something she couldn t remember having seen there before Panic I didn t think about being king, he said, his voice hoarse, either from worry or from the bruises around his neck.Eddis stared Your capacity to land yourself in a mess because you didn t think first, Eugenides, will never cease to amaze me What do you mean you didn t think about being king Is Attolia going to marry you and move into my libraryI ll never stress enough how much I love their siblings dynamicsWhat will you do now Oh he tried unsuccessfully to keep the tremor out of his voice grovel, I suppose I ve heard you do that before, said Attolia, briefly amused in spite of herself.Eugenides swallowed That was begging, he said with a better effort at lightness There wasn t much opportunity from groveling last time He stumbled, then added evenly, I am very good at grovelingMY HEARTEddis looked at her minister, curious Your head she asked.Attolia explained He had to be forcibly dissuaded from strangling his son So have we all from time to time, Eddis said seriously.One of Attolia s eyebrow rose in carefully conveyed surprise Eddis took not of the expression, amused to have found at last, she was certain, the original of the look Eugenides had copied She smiled Attolia hesitated, then smiled herself, very briefly In her expression Eddis saw hope for her Thief, and her heart lightenedDamn, there are TOO MANY, I ll need to update this later, because Gen s waiting hide spoiler Long overdue for a reread Gen, my one and only, we meet again I want to climb on the highest rooftop and scream at the top of my lungs I LOVE THIS MAGNIFICENT SERIES WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING but I feel even that won t do my feelings and this series justice.Give me a fantasy fantasy esque book with heavy political intrigue and you ve got my undivided attention Reading a novel filled with court intrigue, heavy conflictsbehind the scenes conniving and pulling strings than actual battles, complicated stories full of clever manoeuvres and characters Is My Jam I could never get enough And given the somewhat slowness of its predecessor, I was not prepared for the magnificent surprise that was The Queen of Attolia Wow I felt almost every emotion while reading this Anger, hate, love, sadness, rage so much rage and oh the confusion Before I even got to page 50 my jaw was wide open with shock and amazement TheI thought I knew the less I actually knew anything when the whole plot took a completely different direction than I d expected And the characters I truly didn t know what to make of them Let s start with The Queen of Attolia okay, wow Throughout the book I hated her I admired her I was enraged by her I freaking loved her and by the end, I was simply in awe of her.Eugenides What the actual hell Alright, before I move on, let me preface this by saying, the next book in the series The King of Attolia, put Eugenides on the number two spot of my top five favourite male characters in fantasy Ever What a character What A Character Now, onto the topic at hand, I have never been so damned confused by a character Confusion, as you can see, is the theme of this review He was nothing like I d expected Especially when compared to the Eugenides of book one, The Thief It was almost like they were two different people In a good and a bad way One thing I did love was that he was not the all perfect, all brave, badass protagonist we re used to seeing who could simply do no wrong or whom no one could best In fact, he rarely got things right, in this book at least I was happy to see him humanised and humbled by some extremely disturbing, albeit significant events He did mess up, got bested at times and he was also painfully vulnerable and weak when the situation demanded it However, he was also amazingly clever when he needed to be I love him I can t say it enough.The plot was amazing and every chapter gripped my attention from start to finish and nothing dragged, nor was there ever a single boring moment Why some books have to end, I will never, in my life, understand. If I am the pawn of the gods, it is because they know me so well, not because they make my mind up for me. Okay, wow, this was way better than book one.I love how this one plays around with point of view, showing us both Eugenides views on Attolia and Attolia s view on Eugenides it s an excellent view into both of their characters While I think Whalen Turner occasionally relies too much on not letting you into the head of a character so she can execute a plot twist, we still get an excellent look into these characters, a view that feels dimensional if perhaps not full The other thing I liked about this book is something I knew I would political intrigue Whalen Turner does such a grand job with the power moves, the wars, the intrigue of it all This one is narratively all over the place, but it is made to work. It feels like a wide story rather than an incoherent one The plot twists and plot reveals are consistently interesting and often surprising I also love that the two lead female characters we get in this book are both such powerhouses And hey, maybe it s time to talk about badass girls Attolia and Eddis both make for such excellent political leaders, each in their own way This book may be led by Eugenides, but I think it sabout Attolia and Eddis and the power in different kinds of strength Attolia has lost sight of that in her own power, her own life of ruthlessness The Queen of Attolia is basically a takedown of the idea of petty competition between women and the idea that there s only one way to be strong for a queen Attolia and Eddis contrast so wonderfully And oh my god, my favorite part of this whole book was Attolia She is such a good antivillain We start out seeing her as a complete and total villain, and end seeing her as a very well humanized antihero Her redemption arc or, to bespecific, reframing arc is the best part of this book, and absolutely worth reading for I mean, I like Eugenides too He s a mess and a delight But mostly I d die for her Something I did think was missing for me was my investment in the first half of the book we re basically thrown into a political situation we only got a glimpse of in book one, and it s difficult to really get invested in the world and the characters I also think a few of the plot twists are kind of easy to guess and the time between them too extended I wished for less lagging between the big moments and big twists But I think the conclusion completely makes up for it This book aged fantastically in my mind I read this in April and it s August and I m still thinking about how much I adore this specific book It kept me invested and I so want to continue with my journey through this world here are my other series thoughtsbook one book two book three book four book five book six TBDBlog Goodreads Twitter Youtube Oh my god.Honest to goodness spoiler lies within view spoiler Unable to guess the answer, she asked, Who am I, that you should love me You are My Queen, said Eugenides She sat perfectly still, looking at him without moving as his words dropped like water into dry earth Do you believe me he asked Yes, she answered Do you love me Yes I love you And she believed him hide spoiler 1.99 Kindle sale, Feb 10, 2019 This is the great but hard hitting sequel to The Thief which, fair warning, you absolutely need to read first This is a fantastic fantasy series, with a strong flavor of Ancient Greek mythology and life The gods are real and they care, in a remote way, but they can be cruel My highest recommendation for this series If you haven t read it, you re missing out Review posted at Megan Whalen Turner s The Queen of Attolia, the second book in her QUEEN S THIEF fantasy series, begins much the same as The Thief, the first book in this series Eugenides Gen the thief is in prison This time it is the Attolians who have captured him, but he s made them, especially their queen, evenangry than he had the kingdom of Sounis in the first volume From this similar beginning, however, the plot veers in some completely unexpected directions Whalen Turner explained this in a Publisher s Weekly interview I could have written a whole series about fun, cool, exciting things Gen could get away with, but they would all be leading up to a point where he did something he didn t get away with The next significant thing that was going to happen to Gen would be when he got caught It was inevitable So I started Queen there I knew some people would be upset but I trusted they would also see it had to happen eventually To write something else would be a kind of lying to ourselves.It s difficult to say muchwithout spoiling the story This book, eventhan most, is one that should be read without being spoiled The first part of The Queen of Attolia is heart wrenching and difficult reading, however The first time I attempted to read it, about a dozen years ago, I foundered on the rocky part of the plot and didn t finish it However, after reading the third book in this series, The King of Attolia, and falling in love with the characters all over again, I came back to The Queen of Attolia to give it a second try, about five years ago I made it through the book that time and rated it three stars I was still muchenthused about the other two books in the series than this volume.However, on this read, my third try, I m rating it a strong four stars Rereading the entire series, it has becomeapparent how cleverly Whalen Turner has plotted this book, how well the books plots interlock with each other, and how brilliant and devious her characters are Small nuances in the plot can carry significance Each main character has layers and hidden depths They can be charming and maddening, sympathetic and brutal, all at the same time And the ancient Greece type of world, with gods and goddesses that are real and intervene occasionally in the lives of mortals, is fascinating Stop whining, Eugenides said What Eddis s expression shifted from wary to puzzled That was the message For me, alone among mortals, the gods send their messenger to tell me to stop whining That ll teach me to go hide in a temple For a young adult fantasy, The Queen of Attolia has a surprising amount of complexity and depth Due to the painful and disturbing content in some parts of the book, I don t recommend this for middle grade readers, but the rewards formature readers are great.2 3 4 enthusiastic stars Next time I read it it ll probably jump to 5 2.5 5 Stars Well, I gave it a go and continued on with this series, with the hope that my 3 star rating for The Thief would be higher with this second novel Heck, I expected a higher rating, because people kept on telling me, The second book is loads better And Was it Well To me, sorry to say, but it really wasn t. So, I guess I m in the minority, once again.What the first novel in this series had, that The Queen of Attolia lacked, to name a few were lively characters, an exiting adventure, andhumor I suppose Even though I wasn t too fond of the first novel, reading this one made me realize that the characters feltreal in The Thief, than in this book Though, I will admit that Gen was muchdeveloped in this novel We got to figure outabout him his strengths and weaknesses , which I really quite enjoyed view spoiler For example, his depression after having his hand cut off hide spoiler This was even better the second time around, and I m so thrilled that I get to see Kamet again in the new book He really does deserve his own story.Original Review When I finished reading The Thief, I expressed some hope that the next books in the series would have a faster pace Well, this is me eating those words As far as I m concerned, she can be as slow as she wants The Queen of Attolia is a book to be savored It is beautiful and rich, with complex, suffering, gorgeous characters that I just want to spend all day with It is also packs quite an emotional punch.In this book, we finally get to spend time with the real Eugenides Nofalse obnoxiousness and bad manners Don t worry though, he still has that inner spark of cunning As the book begins, he is captured by the icy Queen of Attolia, who initially orders his execution but then decides to do something evendamaging The collision between Eugenides and Attolia sets into motion the breakdown of the fragile relationships between the three neighboring countries of Sounis, Eddis, and Attolia As the nations start warring, the Medeans stand poised to insert their control.This book has all the great elements of a twisty political intrigue, but I think that at its heart it s all about the internal battles of the characters It s about the devastation that comes when one s identity is lost, and one must start anew It s about the struggle to hold on to the tiny bit of goodness inside, when the world demands so much ruthlessness It s about managing to hold on to faith and trust and grace when the whole world seems to be turning its back.It was so completely refreshing to read a romance not based on sappy, goofy, kind, caring love Megan Whalen Turner presents an honest and challenging kind of love There is an understanding here that sometimes relationships are built not on easy, careful acquaintance, but by collision, confrontation, and shared tragedy It is definitely the title character, The Queen of Attolia, whose struggle affects me the most I love her cold, quiet, powerful control combined with her inner fragility I love how her history was revealed in little glimpses that made meandsympathetic to her Reading this book actually makes me like the first book , because I know so muchof the backstory.Now on to book three. Update 1 6 19This may be my book soulmate.Original reviewIf I were ever to write a book, this is the one I would want to see my name on I am not very good at writing positive reviews, so this will probably sound cheesy, but I totally loved every word, every sentence of this story The Queen of Attolia is a second book in Megan Whalen Turner s series about the Thief of Eddis Eugenides I moderately liked the first book, mostly for its conciseness and intricate world building rooted in Greek history and mythology, but this second book exceeded any kind of expectations I had had It is just so much better than The Thief written from Eugenide s 1st person POV The Queen of Attolia is written in 3rd person which allows us to understand the workings of minds of all major players King of Sounis, Queens of Attolia and Eddis, magus, etc The story starts when Eugenides is caught by Attolian guard The Queen of Attolia executes her revenge on the Thief, and in a way that almost breaks Gen Queen of Eddis, enraged by her Thief s plight, embarks on a war with Attolia, and Sounis starts his attack on both neighboring countries in an attempt to unite the territory against the outside threat of Mede What follows is a complex story of politics, diplomacy, military strategies and intrigue I am not lying when I say I loved every word of this book Because every word of it is important, there is no fluff or filler, every sentence matters That is probably why it took me 3 days to finish this 300 page book, I simply didn t want to miss anything But there isI really loved the character developments in this book Just like in The Thief, we never fully know the narrators In many ways, they remain anonymous to us, but whatever is revealed, is layered and complex I enjoyed following Eugenides transformation from a snarky selfish boy into a strong man And let me tell you, the romance in this book totally catches you off guard and certainly pushes boundaries.I can t wait to read the next book The King of Attolia and see where Turner takes her characters next Why, of why does it take her on average 5 years to write each book Love, love this book and series, it helps that Ms Turner wrote one of the best and adorable male leads ever.