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In Jazz Funeral, Julie Smith Once Again Takes Us Behind The Scenes In New Orleans, With A Multi Faceted Story Of Murder, Music, And Family Sorrow This Time, Homicide Detective Skip Langdon Finds Herself Trying To Solve The Stabbing Death Of The Universally Beloved Producer Of The New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival To Confuse The Case Further, The Victim S Sixteen Year Old Sister Has Disappeared, And Skip Suspects That If The Young Woman Isn T Herself The Murderer, She S In Mortal Danger From The Person Who Is With Her Long Distance Love, Steve Steinman, And Her Landlord, Jimmy Dee, To Assist Her, Skip Trails An Elusive Killer Through The Steamy City That Julie Smith Has Claimed As Her Own Fictional Territory

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    EXCERPT At 250 a pop, fumed a red faced man, you d think we d at least get a drink The shrill, uncertain buzz they d noticed was developing a hysterical note This was a party that wasn t fun Bemused, Skip and Steve worked their way back around to the front Ham I could see, said Skip He could have had to work late it s his busiest time But where s Ti Belle Oh, bout two houses away, I d say Approaching at a dead run, having just parked a Thunderbird with a squeal of wheels Skip had heard the squeal, but had paid it no mind Now she saw a very thin woman coming towards them, hair flying, long legs shining brown, sticking out from a white silk shorts suit Over one shoulder she carried a lightweight flight bag Golden throated Ti Belle Thiebaud, the fastest rising star on the New Orleans music scene.Steve said, I d know those legs anywhere She never performed in any garment that wasn t short, split, slit, or halfway missing Some said the whole country would know those legs soon They said she was going to be bigger than large, larger than huge.Thiebaud was approaching at a dead trot, fast giving way to a gallop She was wearing huge hoop earrings She had giant black eyes and shining olive skin, flyaway blond hair that looked utterly smashing with her dark complexion Her skin clung to her bones, hanging gently, as naturally as hide on a horse How d Ham get her she blurted.A black man waved at the singer, tried to slow her progress, pretend it was a party Hey, Ti Belle Thiebaud paid him no mind but cast a look at the crowd in general Skip saw twin wrinkles at the sides of her nose one day they d be there permanently if she worried a lot in the meantime Hi, y all She was trying to smile, but it wasn t working Excuse me a minute She let herself in and closed the door behind her.Almost immediately, a scream that could have come from anyone the hottest Cajun RB singer in America or any terrified woman ripped through the nervous buzz.THE BLURB Smack in the middle of the summer, Skip finds herself investigating the stabbling death of the universally beloved producer of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Then the victim s sixteen year old sister disappears, and Skip suspects that if the young woman isn t herself the murderer, she s in mortal danger from the person who is And with her long distance love, Steve Steinman, and her landlord, Jimmy Dee, to assist her, Skip trails an elusive killer through the delirium of a city caught up in the world s most famous music bash MY THOUGHTS 2 stars from me for Jazz Funeral by Julie Smith This book really missed the mark with me, and was barely an okay read I love books set in the south I have a fascination for New Orleans And as y all know I love a good murder mystery Detective story But even with all these things going for it, Jazz Funeral failed to ignite my reading senses At times, with its lack of atmosphere and lack of suspense,I considered dnf ing it, and in retrospect, I should have But I persevered as it did not take a great deal of effort or concentration to read But then it gave about the same amount of satisfaction not a great deal Yes,I know that this is 3 in a series of which I have not read the first two books Would reading them have added to my enjoyment of Jazz Funeral I think not And no, I am not going to continue with the series The Kindle edition of Jazz Funeral I read was full of very basic typo errors which did nothing to endear it to me, and I really can t recommend this read to anyone All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Just because I didn t enjoy this book, doesn t mean that you won t If you enjoyed the excerpt above, and like the sound of the blurb, then go ahead and read Jazz Funeral I enjoy the fact that we all have such diverse reading tastes Please refer to my profile page or the about page on for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog

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    This book was OK, but I had a hard time warming up to it and then another hard time getting myself to finish it The first chapter did a very poor job of making the reader want to continue, and I actually wished I d abandoned it at that point On the other hand, the quality of the writing is better than many police mysteries so at some point in the future, I might give another one in this series a try to make sure I m evaluating it fairly.

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    Perfectly adequate summer read There was very little suspense and it wasn t too thrilling The mystery wasn t too surprising to anyone who watches Law and Order SUV It wasn t engrossing enough for me to want to read in the series It was just an okay book and my Kindle edition contained lots of typos.

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    I started reading this while in New Orleans for Jazz Fest While I enjoyed the overall setting of the book, New Orleans during Jazz Fest, the plot and characters never drew me in to caring much about them This was my first Skip Langdon novel and I d be willing to give another one a chance but I m not rushing out to get one.

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    This third outing was pretty meh for me Though I enjoyed the setting and music, I never cared about the characters The resolution of the mystery was ok, but I struggled to keep reading to get there.

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    I wanted to love this book, as I love New Orleans and Jazz Fest The setting was great with local color, the characters were interesting, but somehow it just seemed to drag I felt like I was slogging through a humid NOLA day without much energy I would give the author another try, though, especially as she has a couple books set in San Francisco

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    I enjoyed the New Orleans ambience and like Skip Langdon, the ian female homicide detective Smith gives the reader a chance to hear the thoughts of various characters including suspects in a way that allows you to get a feeling for their personalities without tipping her hand about who is the guilty one.

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    I have read ten books this year that I have gotten free for my Kindle and four of them have been mysteries I think that the publishers hope that once they hook readers into a mystery series, we will purchase the others in the series I suspect this works for some readers, but I am an omnivore and there is only one mystery series that I actually try to keep up with I do really like listening to Laurie R King s Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series Otherwise, one or two books by a mystery author usually has to suffice I just have too many other authors that I want to experience.I had read at least one mystery by Julie Smith before and remembered liking it So when this one became a freebie, I was happy to add it to my reading queue It turned out to be a perfect book for a day that I was not feeling well Jazz Funeral is entertaining, the setting is one of my favorite cities and I wouldn t mind going to the New Orleans Jazz Festival so the inclusion of music was good for me I think Smith did a good job with the writing so all in all I had fun with this mystery The murder takes place off stage for those readers who are squeamish I will say that the mystery is not too hard to figure out if that is your reason for reading mysteries This is an early book in Smith s series, so figuring out the crimes in her later ones may be harder As I said the setting was a plus for me and so is the detective, who appeared to be an interesting woman.I recommend this book to others who are looking for light entertainment, for anyone who enjoys visiting New Orleans and those readers who are interested in books with a musical tone.

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    Sixteen year old Melody is a talented vocalist and composer, but she has problems her parents don t understand her and her boyfriend dumped her in favor of her best friend Things just got worse her brother, the well known head of JazzFest, was murdered Her young life is shattered and she runs away from home with no money, no place to stay, and no plans Six foot tall Ship Langdon is a homicide detective in the New Orleans Police Department, but she has problems her insecurities, a long distance boyfriend, and a boss that makes her life miserable.When Skip is assigned to the murder she wants to find the killer, of course, but she is determined to find Melody She interviews many and follows leads but there are many lies, half truths, and omissions As the days go by she s frantic to find the girl even though her boss wants her to focus on the murder.Wonderful characters and you can almost feel the New Orleans Ms Smith describes it.s sounds, smells, and streets It was a fun read with a surprise ending.No graphic sex or violence

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    great read one of the suspects is completely CRAZY in a funny kind of way Some typos, but toward the end too many typo s to count could use a few pair of eyes to read before it is released in a e format to have caught all these errors It could have been a 4 star book if not for all those errors, which disrupts the reading flow for me Other wise a very good book and alot of things to learn about New Orleans, which I have never had the pleasure to visit, even though I am from and live in the south.