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Yo Ho Ho Pete Loves Pirates, But His Mom Thinks They Are Rude And Messy Then Pete And His Mom Go To See The Amazing Marco, And Marco Hypnotizes Pete S Mom Into Thinking She S A Pirate Now Pete S Mom Won T Behave She Chases The Neighbors She Steals Underwear Off Other People S Clotheslines She S Even Flying The Jolly Roger Over The House Pete Has To Find The Amazing Marco He Wants His Real Mom Back

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    This goofy little story is actually pretty funny Pete is a kid who loves pirates, but his mom doesn t love them so much, so she never wants to play pirates with him Instead, she takes him to see a magician, the Amazing Marco During audience participation, the Amazing Marco hypnotizes Pete s mom into thinking she s a pirate But then he gets called away for the impending birth of his child, leaving Pete to have to drag his pirate mom home The hypnotism is supposed to wear off, but it doesn t, and Pete has to deal with a bellicose pirate who s always trying to steal people s loot What s a boy to do I m not surprised I enjoyed this one as much as I did, since I ve liked some of Deborah Underwood s other books The illustrations work well with the text, too, providing the perfect illustration of the silly pirate mom and her shenanigans.The book ends with a bit of a twist that s somewhat predictable, but that kids will probably like Overall, it s a strong book for early readers that ll have pirate lovers cracking a smile or two.Quotable moment Pirate Mom stood in the yard.She wore an eye patchand a pirate head scarf.Pete s parrot sat on her shoulder.Pirate Mom swisheda wooden spoon at the mailman Arrr said Pirate Mom Arrr said the parrot Arrrrrrgh said Pete.

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    Funny and weird.

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    My Review This was such a fun and silly book to read with Munchkin We both had some laughs watching the mom act like a pirate Munchkin loved that she used a wooden spoon for a sword It is a good level 3 book for those readers who have gained a lot of confidence and who have a little bit longer of an attention span The illustrations in this one also added to the quirky and funny story, it will definitely keep young readers interest.

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    A super fun book about a mom who is hypnotized into thinking she is a a pirate Its always fun when kids have to be the adult in a situation and this book was able to do that with finesse No serious consequences were necessary, but it was fun.

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    Entertaining and funnyMy daughter really enjoyed it as a bedtime story She enjoyed the humor I liked that it was broken into chapters.

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    Great read for kids.

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    An upper level easy reader about a boy who loves pirates but his mom never wants to play at being one so when a magician offers to make her one the boy readily accepts Is a pirate mom better than a regular mom Cute.

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    Having never heard of author or illustrator I had no high expectations of this easy reader beginning chapter book I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find a fun, imaginative story with a message for both the child and the parent The art is also humorous and of the cartoon show quality When Pete wishes his mom would play pirates with him he gets way than he expected after she is hypnotized into believing she is one Pete comes out realizing he d better be careful what he wishes for and thankful for the mum he does have, not the one he wishes for Parents themselves can take note to remember that of course you must play with your children but remember to be their parent, not their friend If the messages don t hit you, it s still a funny story seeing mom getting into pirate escapades that she is going to have a lot of explaining to do for tomorrow

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    This book was read and tossed aside by my 7 year old a few months ago I actually agree with it s Step 3 level assignment There are a few chapters but no Table of Contents There are plenty of colorful, fun illustrations and the paragraphs are kept at about a 2 sentence length and one per page so beginner readers won t get lost or overwhelmed My son thought it was okay and wanted to read it again I recommend this book for the average 2nd grade reader.

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    A very amusing tale involving a hypnotist, a boy, and his poor, unsuspecting mom When mom thinks she s a pirate, all sorts of crazy things can happen, and it s up to her son to make things right before it s too late Great read aloud to ages 4 6, and a good learn to read title.